Employment on oil platforms

Workers wanter for oil platforms in Norway

High pay for people working on offshore oil drilling platforms, $US 300 per day, is due to the harsh climatic conditions (low temperature, high humidity, frequent sea storms), and most importantly, to the isolation from the rest of the world. But even this salary is 50% lower than for the Norwegian citizens, where this work is not considered prestigious. Oil companies are directly interested to recruit the working staff from the CIS and Baltic states, which will give greater savings at unusually low financial cost. Work is being done around the clock in shifts. Duration of a working year on an oil platform is 105-180 days. Work schedule for the technical staff in the main 4:00 in eight (4 hours - work, 8 - rest), domestic staff for the continuous working day 8 hours a day. Days of rest during the watch missing. Mandatory rest on the mainland provided the team at the end of the watch, from 15 to 45 days.

Due to the difficult working conditions in the Norwegian oil platforms and, as a consequence of the high turnover of staff, to work in the Norwegian oil companies always need healthy men up to 45 years and women up to P6 years. For the maintenance and repair of power plants and drilling requires professionals following professions: repairers, fitters, mechanics, machinists, electricians, operators, welders, turners, technicians, mechanics - all electrical profiles. For public service crew needed laborers, cooks, waiters.

Russia and especially Ukraine - the country's leading oil and gas in the world. That's why in Norway so in need of our specialists. Without the Ukrainians would have stopped the entire world oil industry! Did you know that before? It is, however, believed that Russian oil rig Norway can get by buying the tower itself. But it all - lies, deceit. Work still needed, especially unskilled laborers. At least, I think so

Employment in the Norwegian oil platforms

Employment in the Norwegian oil platforms. Employment in Norway, working on oil rigs in Norway.

About 10 years ago it was a common form of fraud, as well as other job offers abroad. But now it is not. Work on drilling platforms - one of the highest paid in the country. I asked my friend, the Norwegian figure out how to actually get the job foreigner from the former Soviet Union. Once there on a watch, should be allowed to intercede for only 3 years to give other people the opportunity to work from the former Soviet Union. The conditions there are very comfortable and the lack of willing never was. But still need the Russians and Ukrainians. And what can you say to the account platforms are not Norwegian, for example, and Africa: Nigeria, Angola? Write to the soap. OK?

Employment is quite real. The first time I went there 3 years ago. Went as a handyman, but cut the dough nemerjanno, 260 thousand dollars earned. To tell the truth, work hard, but the salary is good. Russian oil companies are very fond of. But fundamentally the Norwegians and they still have a decent retirement and still provide a whole bunch of all garbage. There they constantly give us a set of ads on the platform, by law, foreigners can only take place if it is not Norwegian. But that's just they're such conditions and contracts put up that no sane Norwegian does not go to the post. They do it on purpose to take the Russian - and according to the law like all Norwegians was not found. But Russian packs take. First of all we all have a normal education, not something that any black (there is all sorts of Iranians, Iraqis, etc.) and most importantly - we worked and went home, in most cases, the platform can not work more than 6 years (severe conditions). I went to Norway to work on the north Russia. So after the Russian north of Norway to me seemed a paradise. We are on the platform when the term did not fit - for 12 hours work, and payment for the 2nd rate was. And in Russia, if you have not time to time - so you're to blame, you also will cut salaries. The only negative - high humidity and smoke in the tower - on schedule and in a special place. Well, there is expensive booze. For violation can be fired.

Working abroad for oil platforms Norway

Jobs Offered: Experts on oil platforms Norway

Employers on oil rigs - find out the price issue. Friends, tell me how to find jobs on oil rigs in Norway? Maybe someone has experience. Where to find an employer, whether knowledge of the language, and even whether to aim for? Why is it so attractive for overseas compatriots? The most attractive aspect of life in Norway is - "social equalization of the population", which is the state in the first place. This political system has remote roots. Becoming a resident of Norway, you will be confident in social security. If you are a specialist and came on a work visa, then after three years can apply for permanent residence, and after seven years having passed, the examinations in Norwegian - you get citizenship. Suppose you lose about half of the average annual salary for taxes, and hardly become a millionaire, but you will be guaranteed housing, a car, a summer residence. High taxes on wages can reduce the gap between the salaries of ordinary worker and specialist, thereby narrowing the gap between the social strata of the population.

If you stick to Sabran Norwegian oil platforms, here's what the vet rumors circulate: Press Attache of the Embassy of Norway in Moscow Kirsty Anna Karlsson: "In Russia there are several criminal organizations who recruit Russian citizens ostensibly to work on oil rigs in Norway. But Now workers in the field of oil from Russia we do not need. " There is also the opinion leaked to the press that "the Russians are unlikely to happen to work in Norway, where oil earnings are so high that the problems with hiring in the industry and never will be."

Dear, do not fall for the scams. I know a few people through the company settles on "Norwegian tower" through mental health clinics in Moscow and St. Petersburg (Leningrad). You should know that the tower - this boat and you should have all the necessary documents in order to find the ship as a worker (by the way do not know your skill level) required by IMO. As well as crewing, gaining crews do not take money ... at least at the device you to work (they take a% of salary thereafter, but you know and do not know). Use your brains on purpose, because the head is not only in order to eat it.

Where can I find the poor Ukrainians work abroad in 2013, and for all the money? This requires injection of a light oil or drinking contraceptive pills made from fossilized dinosaur dung. Features of employment in Poland can be simplified for a work visa. It opens at the Polish consulate, at the invitation of the Immigration Service, which prepares the employer. Issued for 365 days, of which you are entitled to stay in the country 180 days. Then get an injection of a dark oil f ass. If harvesting or participation in construction as a tiler, a mason, cleaner public toilets, road worker or your favorite activity, the year-round Poles need concrete workers and welders - the most highly paid profession. The high demand for doctors, because the Polish doctors prefer to earn in Western Europe. Require all medical specialties, but particularly in demand therapists, pediatricians and surgeons. If the Ukrainian workers earn on average 20% less than the Poles, the salaries of physicians from Ukraine are at the level of wages of Polish doctors. Although the Ukrainian medical degree recognized in Poland, will have to pass an exam in Polish on the confirmation of medical qualifications. According to the results of the examination receive a certificate that is valid throughout the territory of the country (ie, the transition to work in another clinic do not have to re-take the exam.) But how to get there? Especially when the man will take the oocytes under intravenous anesthesia. On the Internet there are proposals to open for 400-500 euros in the Czech Republic visa private entrepreneur, who the Czech Consulate does not issue a year now. What does the Czech Republic?

Widespread type of fraud - "employment" in the Norwegian oil platform. In Ukraine, the Ministry of Labor are working under the license of only two employment agencies in Norway, and none of them draws on the platform of Norway. In America, a work visa is issued twice a year, for a period of 3 to 8 months, but in the U.S. it can be extended to 3 years. Theoretically, during the drilling of an oil well in a handyman may be Down syndrome.

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Oil platforms are located and can be found in many countries across the world, such as USA, Australia, UK, Norway, Russia, etc. Employment opportunities depend on 90% of the correct filing of the application by the candidate, his knowledge of the language, and, primarily, experience. You can make out each of the points: 1) The documents, you need to fill out all the language that indicates an employer correctly. 2) Knowledge of the language, usually English. In many countries, English is taught in schools, at least basic. For the time to prepare a contract from 45 to 60 days, we recommend to attand the courses and improve the knowledge (only after a positive response from the employer). 3) The experience, people who have it, do not need the help of companies engaged in employment on the oil rigs (platforms).

There is a myth that oil platforms hire only skilled workers. This is not the case. According to the statistics provided by 5 monster oil companies from the CIS countries, 48,600 new people were hired in 2013, of which about 31,000 people were not qualified staff. Watch mode of operation, can be 15 to 45 days at 8 hours per day, then on the mainland, too, from 15 to 45 days. The most interesting question relates, of course, to wages. The salaries are very decent, from 20 to 70 euros per hour.

Oil prices go down

MOSCOW, July 10 - RIA Novosti. World oil prices have declined after the Norwegian authorities have banned trade unions to conduct oil and gas industry lockout, which was supposed to start on Monday night and threatened a complete stop production on the shelf of the country, according to data exchanges.

The head of the Ministry of Labor of Norway, it becomes clear that in the accordance with the authorities, off the strike in the oil and gas industry was suggested due to the dire economic consequences that such actions could threaten the state. Union representatives said that oil companies obey this decision without delay and return to their jobs on the offshore oil rigs.

In addition, the pessimistic investors reacted to the statistical data from China showing a slowdown in imports countries. The volume of oil imports in the last month in the country declined by 15% - to 21.7 million tons from 25.48 million tons a month earlier.

Stavanger - the oil capital of Norway

Stavanger - the fourth largest city in Norway in the south-west coast of the country. Once upon a time the city was pretty fishing village. In 1960, in Stavanger discovered oil. And now Stavanger - the oil capital of Norway, the center of the oil industry in the country. Here are the head offices of many companies related to the oil production. Each year the conference is held in Stavanger, refiners and oil producers. In 1999, in Stavanger, in the presence of King Harald V opened Museum of oil. Architecture Museum stylized offshore oil platforms (in Norway there is no oil rigs, all crude oil produced on the shelf of the North Sea).

Norwegian oil workers strike, despite the high salary

The threat of new strikes on the shelf is connected, according to critics of the government, not with the excessive demands of the workers, but with an unprecedented increase in wages and retirement savings executives of public companies Statoil and Hydro. Their leaders only last year received an increase to their retirement accounts in the amount of 5 and 5.7 million euros respectively. "Negotiations with the union have been complicated by the fact that the workers accept wage and pension management to be too high," - says the negotiator of the employers' association OLF Jan Hodneland. Parliament has already drawn the attention of the Government to the rapidly growing salary guide state-owned energy companies, calling their government to "balanced growth of the income of all employees," but the words of the people's representatives have not been heard. In the wake of last strike Industry Minister Trond Giske announced soon convene boards of energy companies with predominant participation of the state, which will be discussed the need to temper the appetite of financial management. Otherwise, the "millionaires against the billionaires will rise again." Source: "New News"

The next target Breivik had become nuclear reactors, oil platforms and media outlets

February 20, 2012

Norwegian media published a list of politicians and public figures, which planned to first crack terrorist Anders Breivik. It was previously known that Breivik saw some 30 "targets" for terrorist attacks, including the Royal Palace, newspapers, oil rigs and nuclear reactors. During interrogation, it was revealed that there was also a terrorist list of persons who are in his view "traitors and traitors." The list is divided into three categories - A, B and C, according to ITAR-TASS.

Statoil closes oil platforms in Norway

27.06.2012. In Norway, about 700 workers in the oil industry went on strike after the union and the administration did not come to an agreement on the issue of raising wages and pensions. Statoil has announced that closes the three platforms in the North Sea and one in the Norwegian Sea. Due to the strike the company is losing $ 25 million a day, says RBC.

The complete suspension of production is unlikely because the government has the power to ensure that in the event of threats to this vital industry to force oil companies to continue working.

The union demands higher wages and overtime, as well as the right to retire at age 62 (retirement age in Norway is 67 years old) for 7,000 workers employed in the industry. The Association of Oil Producers said before the talks that the issue will not be considered.

Income derived from the Norwegian oil industry, a fifth of gross domestic product (GDP) of the country.

Vietnam - oil-producing country

As a country with a rapidly growing economy, Vietnam suffers from a lack of working engineering and management disciplines. Russian citizens are working successfully in several cities in Vietnam in various fields. Until 2010, most often be found Russian citizens in the service of tourists from the CIS countries: managers in hotels and restaurants, diving instructors, kiting and surfing. The oldest industry in which the presence of Russian experts, and, in large quantities - oil production.

I wonder: What is the biggest oil platform in the world?

One of the largest oil producer is Norway. It has several oil rigs in the fields in the North Sea shelf. The largest deposits of precious black gold country are Ozeberg, Ekofisk, Statfjord and Galfaks. The highest oil platform - "Gallfaks" - is the most severe and harsh conditions of the North Sea at a distance of 175 kilometers from Norway, serving the most inhospitable oil field in the North Sea.

This is the largest oil platform in the world, it is functioning since 1983 -. This is made from an oil platform steel construction and stands on four massive columns of concrete, which in turn stand on the floor concrete foundation. Caisson foundation. It consists of a cell equipped for storage of crude oil. Crude oil from the pump wells in the seabed, and the pipeline then pumped through the wellhead to the platform.

After pumping underground oil tanks coffers are filled with water, and the cycle begins again. The foundation "Gallfaksa" is located at a depth greater than 200 meters. The height of the oil platform from the beginning to the highest point of the skeleton of an oil derrick is 350 meters. Inside the oil platform full of life. There is a working and living space designed for 350 people, a movie theater, a dining room, a library, a bar, a sports center, a power plant. The rooftop cargo cranes, as well as a helipad. Oil production provides a drilling rig. Shore oil is delivered by tanker. - Alain Petrikey, Samogo.Net.

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