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Getting a high paying job on offshore oil rig through catering company must be one of the easiest ways to get on offshore platform or aboard drillship for the first time and hopefully start a lucrative offshore career to enjoy attractive and generous offshore salary. Instead of looking for one of those cook or baker vacancies by contacting offshore oil rig management directly, greenhand job seekers are advised to better find a catering company, known to be contracted by an oil drilling contractor itself specifically for providing the full range of offshore catering services for all staff, working on oil platform. The said range of catering services will, naturally, include jobs, performed by prep-cooks, cooks, cook helpers, bakers, night bakers, chefs, as well as junior positions that do not require previous experience, for example all kinds of kitchen helpers, dishwashers & potwashers, kitchen cleaners, galley hands, utility people etc.

Another company, providing catering services, including those that need good candidates that qualify for different offshore cook positions on offshore oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, is Houma, LA based Premier Offshore Catering Inc. This catering and hospitality company is a subcontractor that has long experience of providing housekeeping and catering support to offshore oil drilling companies that work at sea in the Gulf of Mexico. If you are someone with professional experience in cooking food or culinary, you could try your chance with them with good extent of probability you could be shortlisted for employment interview and hired. Be ready to submit for alcohol abuse and drug screening, as well as to criminal background check. The stated phone number you could reach the Premier Offshore Catering should be 985-746-1722.

Offshore Cook Job Description

Offshore Cook works and performs this position functions under the supervision of Lead Cook or Chef. On offshore oil rigs Cook's main responsibility is for quality and timely serving 3 main meals per day for all the personnel on offshore platform, from Roughnecks and Roustabouts to Rig Manager or Chief Rig Electrician. Good candidate for a position of offshore Cook, besides being ready to provide proof of proper training, is expected to be able to demonstrate skills and aptness to follow all required standards and procedures of correctly cooking food accordingly to the environment and the available facilities on offshore oil rig. Offshore Cook's responsibilities and duties include ability and knowledge that allow fixing all minor and ongoing problems of kitchen and galley maintenance in order to ensure the continuity and quality of food preparation process on offshore oil rigs. Offshore Cook job is not an entry level position of offshore oil rigs, and it involves some of the supervisory functions with respect to junior cook and galley positions that report directly to a person in a position of Offshore Cook. Offshore experience is advantage, but not a mandatory condition for being considered for a position of Offshore Cook. Besides brilliant professional qualities, good greenhand candidate should be able to communicate freely in English, both orally and write. Be ready to confirm and prove the availability of valid BOSIET, HUET, TWIC, and Gulf/IADC Rig Pass.

Now also hiring for low-end and middle-place offshore positions:

Welder-Technical Diver, Directional Cyber Driller, Different Offshore Catering Positions, Superintendent, Forklift Operators, Pipe Fitter, Crane Operator, Offshore Catering Jobs including galley hands, cooks, and support personnel. Derrickman, Painters - Blasters, Riggers Location: Morgan City, LA. Feel like being eager to try your chance? Submit your CV right now, and see, whether you qualify.

Location: Morgan City, LA. Feel like being eager to try your chance? Submit your CV right now, and see, whether you qualify.

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Interested in scaffolding jobs on offshore oil rigs? Then stop by and pay attention, here's a great news for you! The Safway Services completed the aquisition of the Atlantic Hoisting & Scaffolding, the company that leads the list of the biggest scaffolding services provider across the Greater New York. That's where it has sense to look for offshore scaffolding jobs for people with experience or with no previous experience of working on offshore oil rigs, but with courage.

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