Oil rig jobs in welding

If you are able to weld, discover how you can earn big salary on offshore oil rigs

If you have experience of having worked as welder employed outside oil industry, then why not look for opportunities on offshore platforms? Regardless of your current whereabouts or the industry you are employed specifically to do welding for, the work in the oil drilling is what you just need to try. Can there be virtually any other industry that the media discusses so eagerly that can offer a salary bigger than if you opt to work for the oil drilling corporations?

Most of the candidates for oil rig welding job apply for vacancies on crew deck, i. e. above the waster surface. That's understandable. Just have a look at an offshore oil drilling installation or facility. It can be either offshore platform, stationary or jack up type, or a semisubmersible floating unit, usually anchored to the sea bottom, or huge boats floating on the surface, called drillships and using the dynamic global positioning equipment to maintain the same position during the oil drilling process. What they all have in common, they are huge structures built of metal. Different parts of those structures needs to be joined, maintained and repaired, and that's where the welders come on scene. Much of each project job is done above the water line. In fact these welding jobs are very well compensated for, somewhere over $ 400 - $ 500 on a daily basis.

The best money is under the surface, though, and they are awarded to underwater, or wet welders. Usually remain compressed by day at a time as an alternative to spending time compression and decompression also each dive. They live in an upscale setting pressure so they can spend more time doing the work. Due to the additional risks, these types of careers pay more. Many oil companies will pay existing staff to obtain more qualifications and get certified to use scuba diving equipment for performing welding under water. For that purpose an oil rig welder should get trained and certified as a tech diver.

The major work is certified to make the company more job opportunities you can get therefore possess certified underwater welders on staff receive these people a lot more work. It is a discipline that demands much more compared with workers to fill them. This probably comes as a surprise to you. Apparently, during an economic slump, many people are having trouble finding work. However this is an area that is crying for people to get diccovered as employment field of endless opportunities.

A lot of people who used to operate within the auto repair shops and factories witout a doubt tend to be qualified for the jobs above water. Coincidentally, they are also the positions that have many people who have been laid off, but do not know about oil drilling. You can use a office job to try to locate his first job. Service charges will probably be paid out of their first income year. It could be as high as 30% of their income. To get a new job in a fantastic industry, this can not really end up being a deterrent. Moreover, you will find there way cheaper than the functions the same way. Several online websites dedicated career in the oil industry.

You can even use a special segment on job opportunities welding rigs. Instead of paying 1000, normally fork out much less than $ 100 for a lifetime subscription. You can use the website at any time you want to change the job opportunities when needed. Some even ruin your cv to any or all the companies that are currently looking for oil rig workers. This method seems to work faster and more affordable compared with all consideration.

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