The daily labor of Roustabout

We've all heard about how hard it is to start careers in offshore drilling. The offshore platforms are all about the experience. To get a job on a see based well you need education, training, hands on skills in the domains like underwater welding, drilling in deep water, or other experience, right? Even the electricians that have worked in construction or mining need to have had experience, be it at least some training courses or traineeship (apprenticeship) on oil rigs. Not at all, actually.

There are jobs that can get you the best salary that is possible for unskilled worker while requiring no experience or training from one hand, and allowing to get hired and consequently bring you the so much valuable practical experience of actually working on offshore platform that you could further honestly include in your CV/resumé when you decide to apply for a vacancy with a different oil drilling company. The value of experience in the upstream oil industry is that the experience with one employer is transferrable and applicable with the other.

More projects, more oil drilling jobs

It's beneficial within the terms of the employment to understand that oil industry normally would offer a project based job placement: as soon as a specific project is completed, the employer may not require your position any longer, and you start seeking the same oil rig job with the next employer, possible in a different country. Depending on the location where contract for oil drilling has been awarded, the company may drill today in the Gulf of Mexico, and in Australia or South Africa tomorrow. It's everywhere across the world that offshore (or land based) roustabouts needed, especially with experience.

Roustabout job in offshore platforms is picking up the steam again. Although there is a moratorium on offshore drilling, the ban does not include oil exploration and drilling oil wells in the sallow waters at the same Gulf of Mexico, just off shore Texas, where many companies and recruiters never stopped hiring in Houston, for example. This means that all currently producing wells as well as drilling new ones found in less than 500 feet deep in sea waters go ahead as usual.

As said before, position of the general laborer on offshore platform doesn't require any professional experience at all. Although the work is really dirty and at time exhausting, you are still highly recommended to consider applying, as it could give you a very realistic opportunity to put your foot in the door of offshore oil platforms where a good candidate could afterwards get promoted and continue working in a different and better capacity. You may even apply to become trainee or on apprentice of, say, crane operator, driller, electrician, motorman, derrickman, scaffolder, welder, pipe fitter etc. - there opportunities are plentiful.

What is offshore roustabout, anyway?

To put it bluntly, the daily duties and responsibilities of manual laborer include all unskilled or little skilled manual work around the platform. That's what we exactly call hard manual labor. Greenhand roustabout will be responsible for low end maintenance operations like painting metal parts of the appliances and mechanisms available on drilling deck, scraping the rust, etc. Greenhands will also participate in assisting to ensure pipe connections, and even directing the cranes to some extent - not without some safety training, though.

A job of roustabout is the only work in an offshore platform requiring no real training before you start. While there are training programs for laborers, most drilling companies tend to laugh at that. The training program that prepares them for their work better roustabout is the ability to work hard and work long hours without complaint. Roustabout work is difficult and physically demanding for those who who agree to work in these positions.

It is also one and the only job in the country, where you can start making around $US 50,000 - $US 60,000 from scratch without having any training or skills in the work that you choose. Of course, it's not always that the greenhands salaries start at this point, but with the companies like Saudi Aramco or in the UAE the unskilled laborers can sometimes start getting the salaries that are even more impressive after just a couple of months of the fresher period. Most laborers start with all the benefits and participate in a great retirement program. You will work in 14-30 days and have the same number of days off. The pay is excellent and the benefits are generous.

It is an obvious advantage that there is no need to spend long months if not years in training or to go to college to achieve journeyman work. All you need to do is to be able to write a good resumé and carry out the designated tasks, to work in team, and follow the commands and order of the foreman quickly. It's quite a number of oil rig careers that start from doing this hard labor, but progress to end up in other areas of the platform, doing a job that pays much more than you had once started working for.

Setting one's foot in the door of the offshore oil industry by taking roustabout work is how many people started their careers in the offshore oil platforms or in oil industry. Get your resumé ready today. The oil business is hiring. The benefits are good and the prospects of rapid progress through career ladder is even better.

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