Jobs on offshore oil rigs

When we say offshore jobs, we usually imply employment opportunities on offshore oil platforms. These maritime jobs are associated with challenging work conditions and the need to work physically hard, especially in the low and positions. Performing much bigger scope of lifting, moving, tugging, cleaning, scraping, carrying heavy objects than average general laborer in any other industry would do, roustabout or roughneck jobs in this respect are very good example to give a clue to those who/ve never been on an offshore oil rig. The worload is really high. But instead you get the salary that is truly outstanding.

For proper and never halting functioning, as it is, offshore oil drilling installations like platforms, semisubmersible, drillships, oil storage units, auxiliary facilities etc. require a wide range of different jobs and qualifications, some of them are such that one would never imagine to be found on offshore platforms. Uskilled positions and different kinds of technicians (scaffolder, rope access, painters, electrical, motomen, mechanics, driller assistants, though numerous and necessary, are only part of vacancies you can find on oil rigs. There are also people in catering, management, logistics, engineers, helicopter pilots, safety and firefighting pesonnel, medic, radio operator, different navigation and positionning specialists. In a word, the list can be endless. For example, Saudi Aramko is known for even hiring the English language teachers to run courses of English to ensure multinational crews consisting of Indians, Malaysians, Philippino people, Pakistani, Vietnamese, Chinese and other people that form a crew are able to comuunicate and work as a team.

Many people without previous experience want to find a job at sea in the oil sector, but not all candidates, of course, end up landing the job. If you are a complete novice and are looking for an entry level job offshore, it's recommended that you use this specialised online resumé posting and oil rig rob search website.

Offshore platforms require lots of positions of the crew on deck: general laborers (roustabouts), drillers and assistant drillers, maintenance roustabouts, painters, rope access technicians, mud loggers, assistant crane operators and crane operators, roughnecks, welders, painters, electricians, barge engineers. These positions assume you permanently or occasionally do very hard job that requires not only exceptional physical endurance, but also high level of attention and concentration, because the price of a mistake or failure to complete an operation in time may result in accident or even desaster causing costly financial losses to the employer. Hence is the great care and attnention that HR people and recruiters for oil and gas industry excercise at every stage of hiring decision making process that start, but never ends at time of reading your resumé and interviewing you. The responsibility is too high to risk to hire someone deemed inappropriate for working on oil rigs offshore.

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