Get helped to get hired on oil rigs

Send your resumé today, get invitation to the interview tomorrow! Online resumé writing/forwarding service can assist even inexperienced candidates get job on offshore platforms regardless of your own whereabouts: Canada, UK, Norway, Mumbai in India, Pakistan, Malaysia. There's a big choice of oil rig vacancies at your fingertips.

There are a lot of work overseas, especially in the drilling industry, where the employment opportunity list can be endless. All that successful candidate for entry level oil rig job has to do is find suitable vacancy and see if you really meet the requirements that the recruiters for oil industry expect to see in an offshore job seeker.

All that you basically need to do is to research the opportunities available and the skills required, then connect with the potential employers and submit your resumé/employment application.

Some rig jobs are hard to get, but worth the time they take

The oil rig jobs are not just the openings that require extensive manual work or coming to the end of the day all covered in dirt and oil. Jobs are available in a wide range for skilled and unskilled workers.

The basic requirements for your seeking unskilled jobs to end in getting hired include the requirement of being at least eighteen years of age, physically fit and the ability to pass the necessary tests to determine if you are qualified to meet the demands expecting you. Most jobs also require only a high school diploma or equivalent, in order to be interviewed for a position.

The variety of job includes catering, welding, scaffolding, electricity, drilling, medicine, mechanics and many other trades that require a college degree or several years of experience in the field which you are applying for.

Most of the positions on onshore oil rigs and offshore platforms involve physical work. However, oil companies do their best for anyone employed to work on an oil platform feels comfortable at the time off duty. Many of the rooms are very comfortable and the travel expenses, meals, accommodation and other expenses are covered by the company.

The same as it was several years ago, today entry level positions are in high demand. There are several different methods to find a company that is really hiring and to get one of these jobs.

You can find many online job listings that provide entry level positions on oil drilling platforms for job seekers. When searching online, keep in mind that there are thousands of people who also look for an oil job. Therefore the amount of oil rig vacancies available is always limited, giving an upper hand to employers HR clerks and the recruiters. They are in a position to choose the best from the best suited applicants. It's highly recommended that acting in the capacity of an offshore job seeker, you expand your search to include oil companies headquartered in large cities. Acting this way can be very beneficial and produce positive results.

Put on your list as many different oil companies to submit your application to, as it is only possible. Applying to only one from time to time is not in your best interest, if you are serious about finding one of these jobs. There are many different candidates for different companies so you will have to apply to several, until the interview occurs. If you are lucky to get shortlisted, don't commit one very important mistake: don't forget to ask for employment. If you have access to physical and e-mail address of the recruiting company acting on behalf of an oil drilling contractor, send your CV to both, and make sure that your qualifications are adjusted to the position on an offshore platform or oilfield you apply for.

Be prepared to wait for a response, as it can take several weeks to hear from them regarding an interview or a rejection. It is very important that during the interview you listen to the questions and provide succinct but detailed answers. It's good, if you also ask some relevant and clever questions to the interviewer. By asking questions an applicant shows that he us truly interested in the long term position with the company, though oil production industry's upstream sector is largely project based.

It is very important to keep trying and never to give up. Persistence is what the potential employers like in the candidates, regardless of the industry or field. The jobs oil rig are hard to get, but what's is even harder, is to retain one after you have been lucky to get hired, don't forget that. If you have sent twenty applications and twenty rejections from different companies for a specific position as, say, electrician or mechanical engineer without prior experience, lower your requirements and highlight in your application your willingness to work in one of the entry level positions available at the time, be it roustabout on drilling deck or maintenance, or caterer in the galley. It may take a while, but if you really want to work on oil rigs, you are just doomed for a success.

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