Oil investments in Iran and Nigeria


Being the largest oil producer in Africa, Nigeria is extracting huge volumes of oil. Not so much time ago the oil giant Exxon Mobil drew daily somewhere around 740,000 - 760,000 barrels of oil from the Nigerian oilfields. Now Exxon Mobil considers to direct $US 11 bln as return investment in oil extraction. The corporation expects that these investments in oil can promote the growth of the efficiency of the oil drilling so that the crude oil outcome would surpass 1.2 mln barrels each next day day. These oil reserves can be found offshore and accessible for shallow water drilling at the Block OML 104. The biigest portion of the crude is expected to be produced from the Erha. The daily outcome at the patch is estimated to deliver an impressive 150,000 barrels daily.

Yoho oilfields

The corporation's analysts give special attention to the Yoho oilfield, where ExxonMobil wants to drill new wells in addidtion to the existing ones. Conoco Phillips, Total, Chevron and Agip also have contracts for the exploration of Nigerian oilfields. Over the past years Nigeria had some disputes with the OPEC countries who accused this oil producing nation of exceededing oil production limits. But regardless of the decrease in the activities, the country's oil drilling industry keeps showing signs of needing fresh oil rig workers, including entry level roustabouts and roughnecks.


Iran invested another $US 85 bln in its oil and gas industry. These oil investments would be used for the fifth Iranian development plan. Many international investors have manifested interest to invest in the Iranian energy projects in Iran and the government is ready to encourage incoming investors. Some of the Western countries feel that the imposed sanctions really can slow down the development of Iran's oil industry, but the failure of the Western countries to fight successfully the worldwide economic crisis prompts them to find ways to participate, the more so that the boost of the Iranian oil industry means more oil jobs for western citizens seeking the opportunities of the employment.


Saltpond Ltd. offshore company is another employer that offers oil rig vacancies for fireigners, both unskilled roughnecks and roustabouts and the professionals experienced in the oil drilling domain.

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