Rig Welder opportunities with offshore platforms

Because of the exceptionally high salaries on the the offshore oil platforms, it is quite understandable why so many job seekers are looking for this employment opportunity that would result in a better salary. Welders in particular are seeking offshore jobs on oil rigs, but the reality is that many people are not eligible for getting one. Oil platforms normally require that a good candidate should not only possess experience of having performed regular welding by having been employed on one of such jobs onshore, but also needs to be trained to perform underwater welding.

Welding usually is a set skills widely applicable in land based industries. Welding is used to join materials in shipyards, in the repairs workshops and companies serving automotive industry, in mechanical engineering etc. Big and small companies will normally employ a welder in case they are involved in some kind of manufacturing. Good welders are in high demand, and that can be twice as true, when a business or a company requires clean and perfect welding to surely be done on the first try.

The trade of land based welder is often automated to a big extent, meaning that the industries often use welding robots when they need precision welding. The same often applies to underwater welding otherwise referred to as wet welding performed by a high skilled welder also trained as a tech diver using scuba apparatus. Robotic or automated welders on oil rigs are widely used, but the machines have to be supervised by a human, and very often the precise welds required in the welding under water should also be done by a human.

New oil rigs are being constructed and put in operation continuously, both offshore and onshore, substituting the outdated oil drilling facilities and units, while those left functional get modernized. Such modernizations and updates imminently involve underwater welding processes. Wet welders often are employed when old offshore platforms need being being scraped or demolished.

Wet welding job on offshore oil rigs requires high caliber skills in specialized welding to be inherent in the welder. In most cases, operations requiring human's physical presence underwater from someone having a valid commercial diver license. If the welding is performed above the water level, rig welder also should be properly trained to perform all weather welding work under harsh environment conditions, wind, storm, or snow. The tasks assigned to a rig welder can be dangerous.

Rig Welder salaries and wages

This all said, compensation for the tasks and missions of rig welder is no wonder more than generous. The kind of salary you receive for welding underwater is much higher than a salary paid for ordinary welding work, since in fact rig welder's is a combination of high skills in 2 professions that require high skills both in welding and scuba diving. Being PADI certified Divemaster is a very good pre-requisite for becoming high class offshore platform welder. Although most underwater welders make about $US 75 per hour, it is not at all surprising to find out that some welders on the offshore platforms will make as much as $US 100 per hour for an 8 hour working day. Consider applying for this position if you have what it takes to work in welding under water on an offshore oil drilling facility. If you are someone trained in rope access, you too could easily become specialized rig welder earning a big salary.


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