Offshore companies hiring for entry level positions

Another known contract drilling company, with the head office located in Houston, USA, and regional offices around the world (West Africa, India, Malaysia, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Far East, Grand Cayman, Angola (Luanda), Nigeria, Mexico, Qatar (Doha), is Hercules Offshore:

Hercules Offshore
9 Greenway Plaza, Suite 2200
Houston, Texas 77046
Tel: 713-350-5100

Besides operating 38 jack up rigs in the American part of the Gulf of Mexico, Hercules Offshore provides offshore contract drilling for oil in different locations across the world for some of the biggest world's oil companies. Being one of the world's major oil drilling contractors, Hercules Offshore is also an important recruiter and provider of oil rig jobs, continuously hiring both experienced oil rig workers and suitable greenhand personnel for entry level positions including, but not limited to roustabout and roughneck offshore workforce.

Employment Opportunities with Hercules Offshore

Hercules Offshore offers onshore and offshore employment opportunities around the world, providing also training for motivated individuals wishing to pursue careers in upstream offshore sector. Successful candidates get competitive salary. The applicants for vacancies available from this contractor should be ready to pass a background check and drug tests, as condition of employment, recruiting phone numbers are 855-389-6322 toll free line and direct 713-350-8514. Accepts candidates' resumés online and by walk-in method.

At the time of writing this review the company was looking to hire Sr. Project Manager, Project Manager, Construction Manager, Crane Mechanic, and Mechanical Superintendent in Houston, and Electrical Superintendent with job location in Houma, Louisiana. The overseas offshore job opportunities included: Drillers (to work in Saudi Arabia), Senior Electricians, Offshore Installation Managers, Toolpushers. US Drilling Offshore Opportunities were available for entry-level and experienced job seekers to work on a rotation schedule: Offshore Installation Managers, Toolpushers. Onshore vacancies included: Welder, Trainee Mechanic, Mechanic.

Entry Level Oil Rig Jobs

Average salary for entry level oil drilling positions on offshore platforms in 2012, according to some sources one can trust, was somewhere around $67,000. Isn't that formidable, considering that offshore personnel rotates at the rate of at least 2 weeks at sea, followed by two weeks off the job? That's the benefit no other industry would offer to its workers or employees. The other countries, like Norway offer the scheme that is even better. Should you be lucky to get job at the North Sea Norwegian sector, your time at work will amount to only 3 months a year, while the rest is your paid leave time that you could spend either with your family or doing some kind of onshore by side job for extra income.

The most common entry level positions on offshore oil rigs are greenhand roustabouts and roughnecks, that's who we are talking about. What other industry ever offers opportunity to earn such money for the similar unskilled job? None. Lot's of such candidates from entry level roughneck or roustabout vacancy on oil rigs have only High School education, and GED's. But if you are someone with college diploma, your chances to get hired for such entry level jobs immediately increase, because recruiters do the hiring keeping in mind that workers with hands on experience could be regarded after some time for promotion to become the best suited candidates they could choose from inside the industry to become oil rig electrician, motorman, scaffolder, derrickman, driller, or even commercial scuba diver, or rope access technician. Did you know that it takes only 5 days training to pick up the skills and be tested to work at altitudes like, for example, rope access painter or pipefitter? The opportunities of career advancement for entry level workers on oil rigs are endless, just succeed in getting employed in not important what capacity and prove you are the right choice to work on offshore platforms and earn big salary.

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