Becoming North Sea offshore trainee cook, cook assistant

Contrary to other industries, the offshore rigs don't offer trainee cook opportunities for candides without previous experience of working on oil rigs in the classical meaning of that word. You could, however, start from catering assistant as your very first entry level oil rig job, and then work your way up the career ladder to become cook assistant, work for some time in that capacity, and afterwards promoted to the cook's position after gaining necessary skills and hands on experience.

From the other hand, there are opportunities for shore qualified cooks. This category can be offered chance to work offshore in a position of junior cook, which is an equivalent to trainee cook or cook apprentice. If the candidate proves himself, there's normally no long waiting for getting all the needed certifications and becoming fully functional oil rig cook in the catering department of the offshore facility.

Contrary to some beliefs, promotion to the position of offshore cook in the North Sea from galleyhand position even to assistant cook though some form of apprenticeship program is highly questionnable. It's recommended that you start your cook's career from getting proper college or community supported program like the following.

Professional Cook program

There's a Professional Cook program available at the Trades & Technology Centre at Abbotsford, BC, Canada.

The suggested training program includes instruction moduls on:

Upon starting the program enrollees get registered as apprentices with ITA, and get entitled to write Professional Cook 1 and Professional Cook 2 Certificate.

Job opportunities for commercial kitchen professionals are many, including cook's career on oil rigs. Once a trainee completes the training program, he or she gets the credentials that would allow them to work around the world, from five star restaurants to cruise ships and oil drilling platforms in the North Sea.

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