Oil & Gas Jobs in Ohio's Utica Shale

Utica Shale in Ohio is expected to provide over 66,000 oil rig job openings in the nearest future, according to the research report provided by the Cleveland State University, Marietta College, and Ohio State University upon the order of the Chamber of Commerce of Ohio.

The new oil production and exploration technologies opened new possibilities of extracting gas & oil from the Utica Shale. It is just natural that both job seakers and the companies located across the region have become enthusiastic over both doing business and the employment opportunities for skilled and unskilled job vacancies, including entry level Roustabout and Roughneck positions. It looks like the prospects for onshore oil rig job creation might become decisive factor for fighting unemployment, at least locally.

The average salary of the Utica Shale oil rig jobs will be $US 50,000 a year, and that's according to the most modest estimates, considering that the oil drilling industry in the state of Ohio is just starting.


There might be well 1,000 wells drilled by the start of year 2014. That rate is really fast, considering there were only 4 oil production wells in 2011. The new technology applied while drilling for oil on rigs of Utica Shale is called hydraulic fracturing. During the hydraulic fracturing high pressure the water is being pumped into a well, causing the fracturing the deep lying rock resulting in release of otherwise boxed underlying oil.

The industries expected to create new oil rig jobs in Utah will include oilfield development, auxiliary, supply and maintenance jobs, oil drilling and well servicing services, working on a pipeline, and many high trained specialist businesses that hire engineers of all sorts.

Where can I find oil rig job?

See, if you can find your preferred oil rig job details with the RigVacancy that offers online access to a big, but continuously monitored and updated online database of the oil jobs available not just on the landbased oil rigs of Utah, but on the offshore platforms across the world. Good thing about this website is that it containes no outdating listings by recruiters and employers. Employers are invited to view the CV's of the applicants to find good candidates. Job postings from BP, Petrobras, Chevron and other giants are avaialble for specialist oil rig vacancies of different calibers.

The oil rig job locator site in question that we took time to review and now suggest to both parties, also provides free tips and advice capable of improving your resumé. Reagrdless of your specific goal, be it landing you first entry level oil job and get employed in Ohio, or looking for oil job in Alaska, Texas, and other parts of the USA and Canada and exploit the booming of the oil production in specific areas of the world, Rigworker won't fail to be useful.

Roustabout training

Where to find information on Roustabout training

Free information sessions on Marcellus shale roustabout training were held on August 6, 2010 at WCCC Youngwood Campus as the result of the joint effort of the Westmoreland County Community College and Pennsylvania College of Technology. Two one-and-half-an-hour long information sessions were designed for people of the younger age interested in applying for free training for roustabout jobs on oil rigs.

Roustabout, sometimes called Roughneck, is the industry specific term in oil and gas industry for general laborer, performing all kinds of the unskilled, little skilled, or requiring very little previous experience on oil rigs. Roustabout is the most common entry level job you hear about, and it is the position, where many people started their careers on oil rigs, hence working their way up the career ladder in upstream petroleum business. This position requires excellent physical shape, as working on oil rigs is usually by shifts lasting 12 hours and more, up to 16, with much of lifting, carrying, and moving heavy objects around the oil rig being involved during the working day, often at high pace.

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