Employment opportunities: Scaffolder jobs on the Australian oil rigs

Scaffolder is not an entry level offshore job in Australia. This is a well paid, but risky work that requires special skills and training and assumes operating on heights with all the consequences, hazards, and risks involved. To be hired as scaffolder on offshore oil rigs of Australia successful candidate will need:

Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) can be where one can start as a trainee in the UK, since it is being recognized as one offering required scaffolding qualifications asked for by the relevant industries, including offshore platforms that provide lots of jobs for these professionals. The best way to get into scaffolding, according to many opinions, would be to start from general laborer, roustabout position.

Scaffolder job description in offshore oil industry: Scaffolder or a scaffold builder is a skilled construction worker that erects and dismantes the scaffolding structures at oil drilling facilities and sites.

Scaffolding foreman job description: Scaffolding foreman is a person, who is responsible for management of crew of skilled technicians that erect and service the offshore and the onshore scaffolding structures.

Another provider of scaffolder jobs in Australia is Pilbara Access that have a current workforce in excess of four hundred workers that work in part for the oil & gas industry. The offices can be found in Darwin. Karratha, Perth, Newman and Onslow.

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