Offshore scaffold recruiting companies in the UK

SGB are professional recruiting company that offer the employment for scaffolders specialized in doing offshore jobs in the UK. The job locations can be also outside the UK, the recruiters seek candidates searching for scaffolding jobs in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Before you deal with this offshore oil platforms jobs provider, you need to know that SGB Group one of the largest scaffolding and platform business solutions provider that at the time of writing this review employs over 50,000 people globally. This impressive team of the recruiters have strong presence in the Internet and a very big portion of the workforce they initiate employment contact with comes from the world wide web.

Bahrain offshore scaffolder jobs - hiring with no experience

Offshore scaffolding company will employ sufficiently skilled scaffolding professional to train greenhand workers to erect and disassemble the scaffolding, Assessor's certificate availability will be regarded as advantage at the stage of reviewing the CV's.

Scaffolders needed to fill oil vacancies in Southeast Louisiana, offshore and onshore

Onshore and offshore oil rig positions are available in the USA, Southeast Louisiana: electrician, rigger / scaffolder, welder. The applicants for these positions must be compliant with some strict criteria and able of passing serious of tests to confirm their skills and experience or absence thereof. Southeast Louisiana region is in the dire need of oil rig scaffolders, some with experience, the others - not. Successful candidates will be offered offshore job placement in the Gulf of Mexico and at onshore shipyards in southeastern LA. Accommodation coverage is offered by employers for all offshore and some of the land based scaffolder job locations.

News: Safway Services completed the acquisition of Atlantic Hoisting & Scaffolding, the biggest provider of scaffolding services in the NYC metropolitan area.

More information can be found with RigVacancy.

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