Offshore catering entry level vacancies on Norway oil platforms

Norway is the world's second largest net exporter of gas and the seventh to export oil. These activities represent approximately 30% of the revenue of the region. Almost 140,000 people are employed in activities related to oil and the spill-over effect on other sectors of the economy and business is great.

Despite world's economic crisis, employment opportunities for job seekers in offshore oil industry are growing. Particulary this job openings boom occurs because of mass retirement of the old staff on oil fields. Almost fifty percent of current oil rig workers will continue to release jobs for new generation of workers. These events involve large demand for labor and the deficiency of skilled personnel in drilling and energy companies from one side. And from the other side it encreased opportunities for oil rig beginners. Over the last 20 years in the oil industry there was no such a good opportunity to get entry level job in an oil company without previous offshore experience.

Particulary, these retirements led to the catering jobs openings for personnel who want to work offshore on oil rigs. In the next two years it is expected to increase demand of cooks and bakers. This is good period to find your offshore cooking job during workforce shortage on oil rigs of Norway.

Oil companies are very serius about workers health and nutrition. Among wide range of job openings in catering positions, there are chefs, night bakers, assistant cooks, cooks, kitchen cleaners, galley hands, stewards and other cleaning staff. Should to know that oil companies does not directly hire caterers but enters into a contract with a catering company and that in its turn employ workers. The catering contractor is in charge for all supply and cleaning service.

Cleaning service: In Addition catering contractor manages the cleaning/laundry staff not only in the kitchen but in oil rig cabins and laundry. Galley hands, dishwashers, kitchen cleaners - all these are cleaning vacancies located in kitchen. Stewards perform cleaning/laundry jobs in cabins and recreation zone of oil rigs.

The most popular entry level cleaning job is that of Galley Hand or Utility Hand

This is the best choice if you have no offshore experience but previusly did any unskilled catering job (dishwasher, waiter) on-shore. Many rig joiners start their offshore catering career as galley hands. Some of gallyehands move up career ladder to cook helper and than to cook. Promotion of employees in this way is common thing in offshore industry.

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