Oil rig jobs in Canada for Indian crews

Today Canadian oil labor market offers wide range employment opportunity for foreigners, and India specifically. If you have any experience of working on oil rigs, or any other related experience (sailing, military etc.) you can find your position on Canadian oil platform. But if you do not have any, you could get one of entry level positions such as roustabout, galleyhand or deck cleaner.

Employment conditions on the oil and gas platforms in Canada

Working on oil rigs is always difficult and requires high turnover, so to work in the Canadian oil and gas refining companies regularly needs healthy men under 45 and women under 50 years. Most jobs you can find in maintenance of drilling equipment and drilling process, so oil industry requires specialists of the following professions: mechanics, pipe fitters, machinists, operators, welders, electricians, engineering, drillers. For maintenance service crew typically required: scaffolders, maintenance labourers, waiters, galleyhands, doctors, stewards, cooks, kitchen cleaners, roustabouts, roughnecks and other general labourers hired by oil driiling companies to assign specific missions to.

Full-time working day takes 24 hours (14 working days and 10 day offs), in shifts. Duration of staying on oil and gas platforms is approximately 100-170 days.

This workload is offering higher wages from EUR 100 to 200 per night in positions from unskilled and semi-skilled positions, and from EUR 200 to 300 per night for semi-skilled and highly skilled positions. Such payment is due to extreme weather and climate conditions (low temperature, high humidity, frequent coastal storms), and most importantly, practical separation from the rest of the world. But even this wage for Indians is 50% lower than for the citizens of Canada, where this work is not very prestigious. Besides, oil and gas companies themselves are not very interested to hire Canadian crews, who require higher wages, and the companies constantly try to reduce their number to the minimum. Many Canadians are not tempted to work for EUR 3000 - 4000 per month, especially with perfect credit system in the country and the opportunity to work for the same fee in other areas: production, trade, industry, and others, where the working conditions are not as severe and demanding and where there is no separation from friends and family. Oil and gas companies are directly interested to recruit workers from the CIS, India, China, Africa and all third world countries making significant savings hiring relatively cheap workforce.

That's why many of Asian crews (India, Pakistan) have a nice opportunity to get oil rig job in Canada. Rigworker collected huge database of Canadian oil vacancies and Indian recruiters lists for each it's member. Do not loose your employment opportunity - visit this site.

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