Employment on oil platforms and oil rigs for Electricians and Electrical Engineers

Do you believe you qualify? E-mail to us with your detailed resumé, if so, and don't forget to list credentials:

Considering its further growth, an oil installation servicing company offers employment to Electrical/ Electronics Engineers, several vacancies are available. Recruiter is another big contractor that provides oil drilling and well servicing services in the upstream petroleum business.

Oil Rig Electrical Engineer


In general this position on oil rig will be responsible for ensuring the following: li


Oil rig electrician wages and salaries

An electrician working on oil rig for the Transocean can make around $US 150,000 a year. And that it true, not just an entertaining maritime adventure story! We are not i a possession of the current figures, but for the year 2009, according to a friend of mine who worked at the time in the capacity of the Chief Engineer on one of the Transocean offshore platforms, here are some of the monthly average salaries, gross:

The same is valid for the employees in electronics. If you are a foreigner, then 25% to the base salary applies automatically. Offshore work schedule is 28/28 for the interantional and 14/14 for the domestic hires. Since then the wages may have risen, don't know the exact figures for year 2013 and what would be expected in 2014, 2015.

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The entry level electrician job openings on offshore oil rigs, contrary to the common belief, are not at all hard to get, provided you have no health problems. Oil companies are always on the outlook for the staff, who is competent in electricity.

Still, preliminary experience is important. Entering the oil and gas industry for electricians might be easier if you get some hands on experience in a position af an electrician at shipyard.

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