Jobs on oil platforms for roughneck in UAE

Oil platforms are very big and have a large infrastructure, which requires constant maintenance and support. Therefore, in addition to those listed members of drilling crew and management personnel jobs that require more specific qualifications, such as technicians, geologists, painters, cooks, plumbers, divers, chemists and many others. If you do not find a suitable job for yourself in this list, you can send your request to us for the desired job by e-mail, and we will give an update on its stock. A brief list of the most popular jobs that can be found on the platform. In case you have no previous experience on drilling rigs you could own any entry level position in deck crew, catering staff or medical service.

Deck crew entry level positions

catering unexperienced staff

  • kitchen helper
  • waiter \ waitress
  • cook
  • catering assistant
  • dishwasher
  • kitchen cleaner
  • steward
  • utility hand

As for medical stuff, it can consist of one worker, for example EMT, rig medic, paramedic, nurse or doctor.

Roughneck - The primary duties include managing the winch with a mobile crane control and movement of cargo and equipment on deck. And keep this equipment clean and tidy. Sometimes, roughneck may be engaged in painting work, cleaning equipment from rust and grease different mechanisms. Roughneck should also render assistance to any person who will need it. Just perform other handling - for example, helps unload food from arriving boats. This is the lowest entry level position on rigs of Dubai and the most affordable for unexperienced workers willing to get employed in Dubai oil platforms.

Jobs on oil platforms for roughneck in UAE

Floorhand - working on the deck of drill sections and perform the hardest work on an oil rig. Almost during the shift he has to stay on his feet. He is responsible for the operational readiness of all equipment used in the bore hole. In fact, the main tool in the team drillers. The working deck is the initial stage of their careers in the drill team, is next - the crane operator or Derrickman.

Assistant painter - painter as a member of the team responsible for the paint job on an oil rig. Maintained constant, as the platform is mainly composed of metal parts and is in the water, the elements of its design are subject to corrosion and to protect them, painting the metal parts have to be renewed constantly. Often need to work on the high-altitude scaffolding / forests or by crane in a special basket. Also he can have various helpers among the general laborers.

Deck cleaner job is to remove the sand and wax out of drill pipes and filters. As usual such kind of job is performed by floorhand, deck cleaner sometimes roughneck.

Catering oil rig jobs

Steward job - is ideal for young people and women. Steward is, something like a universal assistant in the operating personnel. Depending on which sector of service attached to the steward of his duties may combine the following functions - helping in the kitchen and dining area, work in the laundry, cleaning the interior (cabin, etc.), as well as the placement of the newly workers arrived.

Food handlers - wash and clean vegetables and fruit extracts, sorts and monitors storage products, recycles food waste, helps chefs.

Drill Crew

Derrickman is responsible for the manipulation of tubes, which are served to the drill hole from which the drilling is going to a giant drill, which, with the addition of new pipe moves deeper and deeper into the sea floor. Derrickman - provides services to the drilling and crane usually running on a special mobile platform at a height reaching 25 meters, so it requires permanently attached safety belts.

Driller has a high level of responsibility and is responsible for everything that happens on the drill deck compartment. Duties include driller direct control over the operations of the drilling process. This is the person who actually controls the main drilling equipment, drilling a hole in the sea floor.

Mechanical Department

Motorman, Assistant mechanic, Mechanic, Chief mechanic, Maintenance supervisor - all of the above professionals are responsible for the maintenance and repair of diesel generators and other mechanical equipment of the oil installations, including equipment located outside of the deck. They carry out regular checks and maintenance of all mechanical components on the platform. Sometimes the engineers have to work at height in a special basket crane or hoist. In some cases, troubleshooting in remote places mechanic can be raised in personal protective bandage.

Electrical Department

Electrician, Electronic technician, Chief electrician, Maintenance supervisor - all of the above professionals are responsible for the operation and maintenance of all electrical equipment on board of an oil rig and replacement bulbs. Electricians, like mechanics, often working at height.

Anyway If you are not applicable for any of these oil rig jobs you can get position of Roughneck. This job is the best one for further promotion in your oil career.