Mechanical Fitter Jobs in Oil & Gas

Mechanical Fitter is required to fill a vacancy in BP Clair Ridge offshore project with contract duration being 12 months. Pre-requisites include 4 years long Apprenticeship or Level 2 NVQ equivalent, BOSIET/Approved Offshore Medical certificate, experience and hands-on skills in manual handling, slinging and lifting of big dimension or unusual configuration cargo pieces and mechanisms aboard offshore oil rig. The salary for the offshore position of the Mechanical Fitter is negotiable, employment region: Aberdeen, UK, offshore. This offshore job offer comes from Amec Foster Wheeler, one of the biggest world's consultancies, operating around the globe in oil & gas industry, including its offshore oil drilling sector. Advertisement status: expired. Re-visit soon for more Offshore Mechanical Fitter Jobs in oil & gas upstream sector.

Hays Specialist Recruitment announced their client, a known Australian oil and gas company, is looking for Oil & Gas Equipment Mechanical Fitter, and this should be really an exciting opportunity for a young, career-minded individual with outstanding physical and mental qualities that would allow him/her to work both in the office and on site. This Mechanical Fitter job is mainly based in their Melbourne office in Australia, where the worker will work together with other team members on equipment, ordered by some major oil & gas companies. Only CV's/Resumeés of candidates clearly stating the availability of previous experience in positions in oil and gas industry, relevant to mechanical fitting of oil and gas equipment, will be adopted. This is not an entry-level position, the annual salary could reach $AU 90 K, negotiable and depends on the years of experience in oil and gas, including offshore sector, as well as additional skills, knowledge, and certifications.

The other recent oil and gas and oil rig vacancies included:

  • Mechanical Maintenance Manager in Doha, Qatar;
  • Senior Commissioning Engineer with extensive experience of working in oil & gas industry and Mechanical Engineering degree, job location: Kuala Lumpur, recruiter/crewing agency: TRS Staffing Australia;
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer to work on petroleum refinery in Oman within the frames of project called SRIP;
  • National Oilwell Varco company is looking for good candidate to fill Senior Mechanical Engineer position/vacancy with 5 years of previous experience with pressure vessels and piping that are used in oil and gas processing technologies; Knowledge of API, PED, NACE, NORSOK, ASCE, ASME etc. is required.
  • Oil Drilling Operations Team Leader, job location: Abu Dhabi, UAE; Good candidate will be someone with BD in Mechanical Engineering and at least 20 years of experience in drilling operations, from which at least 5 were dedicated to offshore drilling and the same amount of years as supervisor authority. Perfect oral and written English is pre-requisite, if an Arabic speaking, that is an advantage. This position reports directly to the oil drilling company Vice-President and participates in decision-making process as expert advisor;
  • Electrical Engineer in Houston, TX, USA, sector: oil & gas; Another vacancy is in North Dakota.
  • OGR Offshore pty ltd announced they would hire Mechanical Fitters Offshore Oil & Gas - FIFO with some previous experience of working on FPSO's for doing job on several offshore facilities at the North West Shelf. To be considered, the applicants must state in their CV/Resumé the availability of valid OPITO approved offshore medical, TBOSIET/BOSIET, including HUET and MIST, MSIC card, Rope Access Technician certificate, Confined Space.

    Mechanical Engineers on Offshore Oil Rigs

    In oil & gas industry in general and in offshore oil production industry in particular, there are big opportunities for greenhand professionals with education in Mechanical Engineering domain and there are jobs for them. If fact, it is Mechanical Engineers, who design and offshore oil platforms, and then play crucial role to make them run, as well as all processing and drilling equipment and facilities for housing personnel and communication systems. For many operations, the design of high pressure is essential, and Mechanical Engineers are dedicated to studying materials that would suffer the least from contact with the high heat transfer and corrosive & flammable liquids.

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    Looking for a job on offshore platforms. TSU Maintenance of Electrical and Mechanical Equipment. graduated in the aforementioned, learned to develop and monitor programs for preventive and corrective maintenance, as well as assembly and disassembly of electrical and mechanical equipment for industrial use, such as pumps, internal combustion engines, compressors, lifting and equipment, industrial instruments, preserving the optimum operation thereof. With experience in piping, pipe fitting, blinded lines, wiring of instruments, Electric, PLC. High Potential tests, progress control and handling of daily reports. Certified as mechanical fitter, PDVSA CIED, would like to be hired to work on offshore oil rigs. Ad reference: ND89-20158739CR/MG.

    I have been trained as a mechanical technician and I have knowledge of mechanical drilling for ground water reservoirs. I would like a real interview so we could to discuss in clean terms job placement on an offshore platform as I believe my skills are transferrable and can be used in drilling for oil. I have a broad curriculum with respect to the maintenance of any type of machinery, both hydraulic, electrical and mechanical, and have no problem to travel anywhere in the world where the job could be located. Would gladly start in a mechanical fitter position or doing a related less skilled job. Ad reference: ND10-465761284RD/MG-OFFSHORE.


    We can truly say that oil rigs that people with professional background as engineers, geologists and seismologists, i.e. highly qualified staff are sought hard and foremost by oil rigs, both onshore and offshore. This means that contrary to sort of universal myth your entry-level job on offshore platform could be in one of engineering positions, rather than notorious Roustabout, Roughneck, Mechanical Fitter, or Electrician, not to say about catering staff like Galleyhand or Cook. You could well start from salary impressively bigger than one of those entry-level Pipe Fitters or general laborers, called Roustabouts on offshore oil rigs. It's absolutely not necessary to start from the very bottom, even some Rig Managers enjoy repeating they did it once upon a time. Working on an oil rig

    The opportunity to get a different job is always there for people from all walks of life and professional backgrounds. For example, Cooks and health professionals are also required.

    Getting a job on an oil rig is not easy. The best opportunities are already exploited by those who have been responsible for the exploration of oil field, that is, both marine engineers and drilling managers, geologists and seismologists, as well as chemists and design engineers. It is not only drilling for oil that is important in the oil industry. The drilling is impossible without quite a rage of auxiliary and support services that call for, say, construction engineers that are needed for developing refineries and different mechanical fitters and technicians for laying pipelines. Other jobs include skilled workers in the field of information technology, marketing and public relations. The work on an oil rig is not only hard but also dangerous. On the bright side is the opportunity of building a great future, a good salary, and the chance to travel.

    Companies that run oil rigs

    The major oil companies engaged in running oil drilling facilities worldwide include such best known as Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Equinor, ConocoPhilips and others. While to get job in the larger oil companies a candidate needs more extensive training, in smaller a job seeker may expect a more rapid rise from the low end positions like mechanical fitter or even a simple Roustabout.

    To summarize, a good candidate for one of those lucrative jobs on offshore platform must meet certain requirements. They are not numerous, but important. You should feel comfortable about working 12 hours a day. Must be of legal age, attend a safety seminar and obtain certain certifications, like OPITO approved BOSIET, without which a company wont allow you even to embark on helicopter, to say nothing of setting your foot on the helideck. Specific requirements apply to different jobs either, be it Rig Manager, Chief Electrician, Mechanical Fitter, or Radio Room Operator.


    Esteban says: "Working on offshore oil rig is pretty hard, it's isolation in the open sea, cold conditions and intense heat, extremely long working hours (up to 100 hours per week). Yes, the salaries are great, especially their overtime rates. The companies compensate accommodation, food, and travel expenses. In addition, both platforms and drillships offer hotel class accommodation for all of their employees... Regarding shifts, the most commonly the schedule is about 21 days of rest per 14 working days ... although other systems exist either. The variety of jobs, offered on offshore rigs is very wide, and the salary ranges greatly, of course. They hire administrative personnel, cleaning, cooking, medical ... and above all work oil drilling and production (requires experience and technical training, except for jobs of Roustabout, where duties initially are limited to cleaning and basic maintenance. Further greeenhand manual laborers may be promoted to different mechanical fitter positions, including Pipe Fitter, or Roughneck for those, who are very physically strong."