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Offshore jobs, including entry-level jobs, paying $US 60,000 per annum. The requirements that offshore job providers set for entry level applicants to meet, do rather with their personal mental, physical, and emotional qualities than with this or that kind of training or education. After all, the said skills in most cases can be learned, while the required qualities turn out much harder to develop, especially if we speak about low end little skilled vacancies of Rigger, Roustabout, Roughneck, Galleyhand, Kitchen Helper, Rig Electrician, Pipe Fitter, Painter, Offshore Rope Access Technician etc. Due to high level of workforce turnover in offshore oil and gas drilling industry it is exactly these low-skill positions that offshore oil drilling companies seek to fill. From the other hand, within the frames of current situation on offshore workforce employment market, hands offer steadily exceeds workforce demand from the side of the oil companies that provide employment.

Quite a lot of candidates that seek employment on offshore oil rigs, get hired to perform this or that kind of entry level job. Though there are rumors that getting job on offshore oil production platform is something like a miracle, if you don't have previous experience, still it's a fact that each and every current crew member, working aboard all those numerous offshore oil rigs located around the world once started as a fresher. The truth that every recruiter, hiring agent, or rig manager will confirm lies in the fact that entry level jobs on offshore rigs are available at any time, and you can get it if you meet only two essential requirements: you're physically healthy and endure up to the industry standards; you're presumably capable to cope with the responsibilities, associated with a given position you, as greenhand candidate, are being hired for, be it an entry-level Roustabout/Roughneck, Medic, Radioroom Operator, Materials Man, Rig Welder, Steward or Cook in catering department, or whoever.

Entry level offshore jobs aboard sea based oil rigs should be quite an option to consider and apply for by someone, who failed to get good education or vocational training, but still has a big wish to start earning a good salary. As for minimum education requirements, High School Diploma or GED Certificate would be enough an array of entry level jobs on offshore oil drilling rigs. Formal education is the last thing employers in upstream oil & gas sector look for in greenhand candidates. It's the ability to do the job that has true value. From the other hand, even for entry level-positions like Roustabout many rigs are now willing to pay offshore salaries that start at $US 50,000. Offshore jobs do pay this kind of salaries, the rates inside the offshore industry exceed exponentially the compensations offered in the industries, whose activities are land based.

The money making opportunities on offshore oil rigs are really very good, and jobs on offshore oil rigs are continuously available, while real and not obsolete information about them may be restricted. It's recommended for greenhand job seekers to join occupational groups for discussions that could broaden the horizon of your understanding of specifics of this industry and its jobs, offered on offshore entry-level. Meet thousands of different professionals that currently work or have experience of working on offshore oil rigs.

Updated list of employers in offshore oil drilling that look to fill low-end vacancies, including Roustabout - Deckhand comes soon.


Personal Summary:

I am searching for offshore work in oil & gas industry. I like responsible work, graduated specialized courses and would like to apply for a job in oil & gas drilling industry. I am in good physical condition for offshore work, and I realize that offshore job requires spending a lot of time away from home. I have skills and knowledge, essential for working offshore and currently I am looking for a Rigger, Roustabout or any position in offshore oil & gas industry, where I could use my strong influencing skills. If there is the need to get additionally trained at some sort of courses, I am ready to get through that.

Training and Certifications:

Certificate of Training of a course of Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (including HUET & EBS), (Certificate valid until: 27 June, 2017)

Certificate of Training of a course of Additional Safety and Emergency Training for the Norwegian Sector

Certificate of Training of a course of Offshore Oil & Gas Industry Minimum Industry Safety Training Program (Certificate valid until 24 June, 2017)

Certificate of Training of course in Work at Height Awareness (Certificate No.:13835, valid until: 21 June, 2016).

Interested employers are welcome to contact oiljobreview for more information about this candidate and for specification of details of this CV/Resumé details.

There are different types of offshore oil rigs: jack-up platforms, semisubmersibles, drillships, MODU's, and all they taken together offer large variety of jobs and positions. These different jobs, available on offshore oil rigs, can be split into several specialized groups according to the sectors, departments, and the roles that they require to be crewed. Besides most popular entry level or low-end Roustabouts and Roughnecks and the staff engaged directly in oil production, there's a whole host of other workers, managers, and all sorts of engineers to ensure maintenance of the smooth functioning of the entire offshore oil rig and providing the facility with people working and living there with all necessary supplies. Among the most popular roles one could be qualified and willing to apply for, are managers, camp boss, scaffolders, welders, mechanical engineers, mud loggers, cooks and catering staff, pipefitters, mechanical fitters, mechanics, electricians, derrickmen, software engineers, mud engineers, medic - an array is vast.

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