Offshore Rig Clerk

Job Description

Description of this offshore job may vary depending on the scope of operations that involves this employee participation on a specific oil production installation.

  • Offshore Rig Clerk is a position on an offshore platform charged with coordinating the logistics operations and responsible for the clerical and accounting work to reflect procurement of the supplies, materials, and equipment necessary for normal functioning of the offshore oil production facility as instructed and directed by the Well Site Leader. The position of the Offshore Rig Clerk requires minimum High School diploma or equivalent, as well as hands on training on workplace. Ability to identify the logistics problems that appear in the process of oil drilling activity and offer the solutions that would suite the best.

  • Offshore Rig Clerk is a position on oil rigs whose responsibilities involve maintaining the statistics and performing other clerical duties, placing equipment rental orders, managing PPE inventory, monitoring oil rig personnel activities via managing and invoicing service tickets, tracking HSE statistics.

  • This job can also be described as a position that combines the duties and responsibilities of the Logistics Onshore/Offshore Coordinator, Rig Clerk, and Shore Base Manager working ensuring proper support of offshore drilling operations including supervision of loading and unloading of the support vessels/helicopter operations via coordination and documentation of work done by crews and directing the inventory and storage of equipment and expendable materials.

    The companies and the recruiters that showed activity in hiring Offshore Rig Clerks recently, were the following, to list only a few: KTO Energy Chula Vista, CA, USA; Iv-AGA - hired 2 Offshore Rig Clerks for Houston, TX headquartered employer for working in the Gulf of Mexico offshore platforms; Many Rig Clerk positions are available in Brazil and needed by the Brazil oil drilling industry for working on numerous new and old oil drilling projects in Brazil. Rig clerks are continuously needed in Africa, Asia & Pacific, Europe & CIS, the Middle East, North America, South America and even Arctic.

    In order to perform successfully the duties of the Offshore Rig Clerk, successful candidate should be familiar with the aspects of offshore drilling activities and possess adequate knowledge in logistics management in oil & gas upstream sector. The job of Rig File Clerk or simply Rig Clerk is not physically demanding, doesn't involve heavy lifting, it isn't dirty and has many other advantages. Some rigs class Clerk job as a position in the management, and it requires good communication and leadership skills, often put forth as another requirement by the employers and recruiters. It can be an excellent opportunity as entry level job for candidate who is good at maths and is computer literate - if you have these qualities, they will allow you as a trainee/intern to learn the job quickly and start earning a good salary of $US 500 - 600 per day. Some companies for the job like this are willing or don't mind hiring women.

    Education/Training, Experience, Additional Qualifications

    Clerk / Medic skills or education can be a good combination for applicants for this position, because Medics rarely have much to do on offshore platforms. Since there are online courses for both of these trades, it might have sense to enroll on both. Another tip on improving your chances of getting hired for the first time on offshore platform as a Rig Clerk: try and apply for an office job with one of the land based drilling contractors in your area, thus you might ease your way towards getting hired offshore. Do your own research about training programs available on the Internet. Goof English language is a must, by the way. Do you speak fluent English?

    Looking for vacancy of Offshore Rig Clerk? Need to submit neatly written CV/resumé reflecting previous experience of working for oil companies offshore or land based. We would recommend this CV/job placement application submission service that could save you tons of time.

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