New jobs in oil & gas on offshore platforms

Regardless of your specific preferences as for whether it is land based oil rig jobs or offshore platform employment opportunities you are as a job seeker on a look out for, there is a wide range of oil job openings internationally. The USA with major explorations being done off both coasts, America becomes the target number one for people looking to get job in upstream oil production sector. Oil job locations in the USA range from the Gulf of Mexico offshore oilfiends and Texas land based oil rigs and across the continental USA to California through the state's conventional oil fields such as South Belridge and Monterey shale. Largely intact Monterey shale has a potential of adding an estimated 2.8 million jobs by 2020, according to the findings of the team of the researchers of the University of Southern California - just imagine! Some of oil companies that could hire in this area are Occidental, Aera Energy, Venoco, and others.

    Opinion: the USA has prospects of overtaking Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world's top oil producing countries resulting in the huge amount of oil job openings, if the the hydraulic fracturing triggers the same oil rush in California's Monterey shale as in North Dakota's Bakken Shale or in the land based Texas oil production locations. With all its older time established oil fields, California ranks the 4-th oil-producing state in the USA after Texas, North Dakota, and Alaska, and among the major states that offer oil job openings for both experienced and inexperienced workers. Further development of the oil drilling industry in San Joaquin Basin of California's Central Valley is slowed down because of the presence of important farmlands on the same territory.

Then the oilfields are reaching further out to include high seas, and that is the vast area. Meanwhile, the Pacific is not the last place for looking for employment on the rigs run by the oil industry. The other most popular locations can be found offshore Canada, especially Newfoundland St. John's location, and then the UK's Scotland (especially Aberdeen), Norway and some other locations in good old Europe, Nigeria in Africa, numerous oil drilling sites in the Pacific area off Asia shore, and, of course, the Persian Gulf oil and gas reserves and those of the Middle East. Do not leave out Brazil - Brazilian oil extraction is booming, and Petrobras never stops hiring the foreigners because of shortage in the domestic workforce.

As someone looking for employment opportunities in the upstream oil sector, a job seeker can see that the locations are numerous, offering opportunities for all trades and many entry level position candidates who do not have previous offshore oil rig experience. Not just Roustabouts and Roughnecks, but also Welders, Rope Access Painters, Scuba Divers, Scaffolders, Medics, Motorhands, Mechanics, Radio Operators, Mud Engineers, Painters, Electricians, hands in catering like Galleyhand, and the list goes on.

In the situation of the general recession, a new emerging superpower on the world's arena, China, has become the world's largest energy consumer, leaving the USA behind. For candidates that monitor the trands to reveal the opportunities for their next offshore job or oil career to come from, this is generally a good piece of news. With China's willingness to buy more oil, the crude oil prices go up encouraging more offshore drilling resulting in more oil rig jobs with higher salaries not just for the professionals like Petroleum Engineers, but for the inexperienced or low end staff like Roughnecks, Roustabouts as well as the auxiliary and catering employees and workers. Oil drilling companies are hiring and the offshore recruitment will continue to increase, as China's need for oil grows, boosting the global oil related markets and causing the creation of more jobs. For men and women, young and not so young, who found themselves either jobless or looking to change a career in favor of exploring the opportunities of the exceptionally lucrative employment in oil industry, this brief outline of the opportunities in the oil industry can serve as introduction.

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