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Who better listen to than the oil rig job seeker that has actually done what other offshore applicants are actually trying to do?

The entry level positions on oil offshore production platforms often overlooked by the job seekers without previous experience, are those you can find in catering and serving meals to all the population of oil rig.

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Oil rig and refinery cleaning

This time we review the palpitating issues of the offshore oil & gas drilling activities. Be it in the Gulf of Mexico or a Persian Gulf, Russia, or China, or Norway, the issue in question remains really topical. This time let's talk about safety and efficiency of cleaning off the consequences of the oil drilling process. Lets make offshore and inland oil production installations work less harmful for the natural environment. Community opinion helps to keep the Earth green in a united effort in the common people in the USA and worldwide.

Oil rig cleaning is an important industrial activity, due to the nature of oil exploration and its effects on the environment and the human population in general. Big oil companies like BP, Transocean and others, have been subject to a wide variety of litigations due to the adverse effects their activities caused to the environment. Now they are looking for methods and ways to improve industrial oil exploration activities to modify or radically change then in order to make them much more environment friendly. Cleaning oil rig with the right kind of tools achieves this goal perfectly. Such kind of cleaning can get the job done in an advantageous period of time, i.e. the devices of the sort are the time saving appliances.

However, proper cleaning oil platform is not entirely on the correctness of the environment, it is also about safety as well. Crude oil in its various forms is actually a flammable substance, and disposal of such waste incorrectly could lead to explosions, which on an oil rig in the ocean, which in turn could result in fatal and disastrous consequences. As such, with the right equipment you can achieve the right kind of cleaning without problematic consequences. But how exactly do you identify the equipment required for such purposes?

A device that could optimally meet these requirements and has been designed specifically for cleaning oil rig is an explosion proof pressure washer.

By using this particular device and cleaning chemicals as detergent, people can get rid of oil, salt, fat, and a number of other substances that are usually found on oil rigs in exploration activity. The device is identified as an explosion proof appliance, which is, though, only one of its features that makes it ideal for oil rig activity. The explosion-proof feature has been designed for the purpose of security in an oil platform during cleaning activity.

The other important criterion in cleaning oil rig is that of efficiency, and explosion proof pressure washer meets this criterion through the pressure with which provides the liquid jet used to clean equipment. Pressure washers used for drilling activity usually offer their liquid jets between 10,000 and 40,000 psi. Such pressure allows fluid to reach areas that would normally be difficult to reach and clean substances that are usually more resistant to regular cleaning. The amount of pressure emanating from the device means that the explosion proof pressure washer is a device that can handle any cleaning product. The cleaning personnel that is expected to use the device are required to be specifically trained for the task in order to do the cleaning both efficiently and safely.

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