Good reasons for starting at offshore oil rigs as Roustabout

College or no college, graduation doesn't guarantee any employment on oil rigs, even if you dream of getting land based oil rig job, forget the offshore platforms. You have completed your major as an Electrician, or got certified as a welder, or even got a University degree as Mechanical Engineer? That's O.K., no skills or qualification can hurt, because it provides at least some kind of advantage for the individuals that are considering career on oil rigs.

Nevertheless, getting started in the capacity you were trained for in college, is what happens not too often on offshore platforms, unless you have recommendations and adequate credentials. Offshore oil drilling is a very secluded industry that doesn't like hiring strangers for responsible job openings. No previous experience on oil rigs means very slim chances of getting hired by the companies like the Transocean or the like in the capacity you were trained for.

Still, there's a way.

There's a very good reason for the trained worker with previous experience of having worked in non related industry, or a professional fresh from a college, to apply for a position of ordinary greenhand manual laborer found on any oil rig or offshore platform - Roustabout. Roustabout is oil production industry specific term for what the other industries call general laborer. Remember, getting employed on offshore oil platforms for the very first time in not important what position - that is the goal to be achieved and the point to progress from within the terms of developing your oil career growth, if you take a realistic approach. No first-time employment, no prospects to consider. That's all about getting your foot in the door of the oil drilling industry, the rest will apply, if you turn out fit for working offshore at all. Once you proved yourself, the door is open wide for the advancement. If not, you better stop wasting yours and the others time and switch over to trying yourself in a different career. In any case, both your employer and yourself will profit from such on site real time environment testing.

Now let's suppose you are already a successful candidate and holder of that so much sought entry level position of a Roustabout on offshore oil rig. Now working hard and becoming valuable member of the crew is what you need focus on, but not just that. Taking a set of basic courses to learn the basic skills and fundamentals of oil drilling should be regarded as life time investment that could start paying off immediately. The training courses are available in your free time just of the platform you were hired to work as an offshore Roustabout at. The learning will result in better understanding and the increased awareness of safety issues on the workplace, as well as wider scope of the responsibilities you might be charged with. These immediately translate into higher salary and possibly workplace apprenticeship with one of trades like electrician, driller, motorman, rope access technician, derrickman, crane operator etc. - all these jobs are less dirty from one hand, and better salaried from the other. Your CV will become more attractive for the future recruiters and employers to have a look at, and that is an advantage that is worth really much.

The offshore oil production industry is a very project based industry. Once youy're done with working, say, for the Transeocean in the Gulf of Mexico or offshore Canada, your contract terminates, as well as that of many other oil rig workers that were employed for the completion of oil drilling in a specific oilfield exploration site or with the contractor that was delivering the mission. You start immediately looking for employment on another platform or with a different oil company. But now you have experience, and most importantly, recommendations from your fellow oil rig workers or employer attached to your resumé.

Other entry level positions on oil rigs

Assistant Crane Operator, Medic, Assistant Cook, Dishwasher, Mechanic, Apprentice Electrician, Cleaner/Painter, Galleyhand, Storeman, Materials Man, Rig Welder, Male Nurse - review for each of these goes next.

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