Working in offshore oil industry

The oil and gas industry in Norway is one of the providers of the jobs for the national economy. It employs nearly 80,000 people, producing a third part of the revenue of the country. Decades of experience in the field have allowed Norway to achieve high quality oil development, more secure, efficient and environmentally conscious.

Globally, Norway came in third place as an exporter of oil and gas. It reached a peak in 2005, thanks to the contribution of more than 50 active wells. It is estimated that oil production will decline gradually over the next few years. Simultaneously increasing the production of gas. New oil and gas projects are starting permanently. Among the new projects started, those of Snohvit and Ormen Lange are the largest.

Hiring to Norway oil platforms

Largest oil companies of Norway seasonally recruit 15-17 thousand workers from Eastern Europe on a contract basis. Normally, the duration of contract is 6 months, can be extended upon mutual agreement afterwards. Departure, accommodation, food, health insurance, training your chosen trade at the employer's cost. The age range from 25 to 55 years old. Marital status does not matter. It is possible to travel to Norway with family. Male candidates only.

Extremely high pay (200 - 400 U.S. $ per day) is due to severe climatic conditions, low temperature, high humidity, frequent storms. Work is being done on a rotational basis (18-20 day long shifts).

You should contact a EURES adviser to get useful information about the type of work and positions in the extraction of oil and gas. It is useful to consult the website of the Norwegian Employment Service, the NAV, because it maintains a database covering all published positions. Many oil companies publish job openings directly on their websites. On rigworker you can access an overview of companies and open job positions.

Communication on oil rigs in Norway

Oil rig is a place where hundreds of workers come from all over the world, Pakistan, India, Italy, Angola and there should be one language to communicate. The factor of communication plays great importance: if you do not know English, you will have some difficulties in getting job and working on oil rigs in Norway. Knowledge of English is desirable, but not necessary: all workplaces have plaques with explanations in various languages, and some teams have working interpreters.

Offshore jobs / positions available in Norway

Oil drilling industry provides quite specific jobs in specific environment for its workers. It involves wide range of various workers and it is not necessary to be a driller or sailor. Well, if you have any drilling or sailing experience it is easier to get a job. But there are also many entry level positions on the offshore platforms for the unexperienced or not related ones. For example you could take a position of steward, deck cleaner or roustabout absolutely with no experience. There are also some trades in demand on oil rigs and if you got any specific skills on your prior workplace you can get higher salary. Scaffolder, scuba diver, mechanic, motorman, welder, pipefitter and lots of others.

  • Offshore entry-level oil rig jobs overview. SUMMARY: Offshore jobs, offshore entry-level positions there included, that offer the salaries around $US 60,000, are not something supernatural. Low end, low-skilled positions like offshore jobs of Offshore Rope Access Technician Painter, Roustabout, Galleyhand, Rigger, Pipe Fitter, Assistant or Trainee Electrician, Roughneck, Kitchen Helper, etc. all can be representative of the salaries of the kind. Due to high rate of the workforce turnover in offshore oil and gas drilling industry, it is exactly these low-skilled positions that the management of offshore oil drilling installations most frequently seek to fill. The listed entry-level jobs on offshore oil rigs are available at any time, and you can get employed, if you're a candidate, capable to conform with only 2 basic pre-requisites: you're physically strong and can demonstrate endurance up to the standards of offshore oil drilling industry for active laborers; and the second thing, you give recruiters reason to believe that as a greenhand fresher you'll quickly pick up the necessary skills in order to master the responsibilities, associated with the entry-level position you compete to be hired for, be it an entry-level Roustabout/Roughneck, Medic, Radioroom Operator, Materials Man, Rig Welder, Steward or Chef/Cook in catering department, or whoever. Explore the topic...


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