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So, why start with Schlumberger?

Schlumberger is a known multinational oil company and a recognized leader that provides the whole spectrum of modern oil production technologies, services integrated project management services and information solutions to the world's oil and gas industry. The company operates across the globe in over 80 countries. The company's staff is comprised of over 108,000 employees of 140 nationalities, and there are all kinds of jobs.

Why turn your eyes and look for oil rig job with Schlumberger in Russia?

There are lots of oil rig job openings and employment opportunities in the upstream in Russia, both onshore and offshore, even in Arctic. That is exactly place to look for starting working at an entry level on oilfields in whatever capacity. With them importing the technologies from the USA and Europe, they too require the trained staff that could be able to make those offshore oil technologies work.

In Russia, Schlumberger began operations in 1929 and now collaborates with major Russian oil and gas companies, as well as with the Russian Academy of Sciences and the leading Russian research institutes. On the territory of Russia, the company has 50 production bases, research centers, enterprises and offices. Schlumberger is believed to be an analogue of Haliburton, USA incorporated multinational that offers oilfield services and holds two head offices, one in Houston (USA), and another in Dubai (UAE).

With list of the latest and the freshest vacancies of engineering level the job seekers can familiarize in real time at this web site, they can be found in the Careers section on this Internet resource.

Hot question of the day:

Guys, listen, I have got a situation while applying for my oil and gas job with the Haliburton: somewhere in the middle of June the company's recruiters called and offered me a job of Instrument Commissioning Engineer. Was even asked about the size of salary I would be happy with, and they seemed to feel OK about my expectations of the earnings in this position on oil rig, and told me that their interview managers would call again later before the end of the month (or during two months at maximum) to discuss pre-employment interview date. It's been almost two months since then, and there was no call. I had written these recruiters a couple of times before, and each time I was being told to wait to be contacted, but nothing would follow every time. I really want to work for this company, and strongly hope that they will call. Tell me, please, if this situation is normal? Is it worth waiting for a call? Or is it possible that at some point of their deliberation procedure in course of hiring offshore personnel I stopped being interesting for them as a potential employee and good candidate to fill this offshore oil vacancy?

High-paying jobs in Norway on offshore oil platforms

Norway is a country in the north-western Europe, located specifically on the western side of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Norway's capital is Oslo, which is also a big sea port. The country's curving borderline runs along the shore of the Barents Sea, the North Sea on the south-west, and the Norwegian Sea in the west. Norway is the country of 3 seas.

As for exporting the crude oil, beginning from the years 90-s, Norway holds the second place in the world next to Saudi Arabia. Norway constructed the biggest offshore oil production platform in the world, the height of the structure being 465 m, equivalent to 1525 feet.

Norway leads the world in the field of the offshore oil drilling technologies that ensure safety during the extraction of the oil and gas natural deposits for workers doing job on oil drilling installations.

Over 25 % of the Norwegian investments are being directed to the construction of offshore oil rigs in the North Sea, where the largest deposits of natural gas are located. Norway took the lead in the Western Europe in the development of oilfields. Oil and gas sector yields 80% of the total revenue produced by the Norwegian industry.

Due to the cold climate conditions and extremely demanding workplace conditions, resulting in disturbingly high staff turnover rate, oil drilling companies/contractors continuously keep hiring new and fresh workforce from male and female candidates, men's age limit being 45 and women's 36 years old. Different departments on offshore oil rigs need both experienced and without previous experience offshore rig employees to fill existing vacancies of rig technicians, motorman positions, repairmen, welders, electricians , mechanics, divers, crane operators, chemists, drillers, technicians, mechanics, all electrical profiles.

Also for for catering to the everyday needs of the main crew, oil platforms need maintenance workers (normally called roustabouts or roughnecks, cooks, dishwashers, all sorts of cleaners, painters, waiters, rope access technicians etc. Some oil rigs even hire teachers of English language - in cases the main crew consists of workers from non English speaking countries like China, Vietnam, Ukraine, or Russia.

According to the official data Norway issues annually several thousand of visas for the citizens of the FSU (CIS countries), Russia and the Baltic countries.

Salaries and wages

If we take the foreign workers, who are employed in the Norwegian offshore oil industry, their wages range $US 100 - 300 per day. This should, no doubt, constitute an impressive income for inexperienced worker or employee within any industry, not just offshore upstream sector. But even income of such grade is 50% less than what is being earned by the Norwegians who are the nationals of the EU and don't have to bother getting the work permit. They don't believe that entry level jobs on offshore rigs (Roustabout, Roughneck, Cleaner, Dishwasher, Steward, Rope Access Technician, Galleyhand, Motorman etc. that do not require any special training or much learning/picking up the skills in which this work is not prestigious.

Shift schedule for technical staff is 4 hours of work alternating with 8 hours of rest; catering staff work 8-hour working day. Weekend during the watch missing. Mandatory rest on land. Company provides the employer the team after the watch for a period of 15-45 days.

Living conditions on oil platforms at a very high European level. Comfortable cabins with individual bathrooms for 2-3 people, 4 meals (meat, vegetables, fruits). In their spare time rig workers and employees can attend gym, watch satellite TV, use the Internet, etc., all services are free and are designed exclusively for the comfort of employees, the only exception, international phone calls that you have to pay yourself. Expenses, related to having to travel, meals, insurance, housing, education will be reimbursed by the employer, without exception, should you be lucky to get hired.

Crude Oil News: Crude Prices

There are some valid opportunities to invest in oil and become owner of offshore oil wells even for small investors. Roustabouts of yesterday get their profit share and get their portion of revenue together with the world's major oil companies like Shell, Chevron, BP, Petrobras, Saudi Aramco, and even with Rosneft. Investing some small money can lead to very possible and absolutely stable fantastic revenue, while not having to work manually on oil rigs any longer. Use your brains, have your cash work for you and bring the dividends!

Invest in oil drilling projects, land based and offshore, it's perfect time to make your money work in spite of the biggest economy crisis crisis. It's the big recession that triggers the biggest growth of investment in oil and natural gas exploration, and production.

While assessing the statistics data, oil and gas investment expert can easily see that some of the most promising shale areas in the USA contain the stock of oil $ gas surpassing every possible imagination. To be specific and backed up with figures, check out these: Utica is estimated to have between 1.3 and 5.5 billion barrels of oil and between 3.8 and 15.7 trillion cubic feet of gas in Ohio alone. Tuscaloosa, 60 bln of bbl of the crude oil; Bakken, 18 billion oil barrel deposits.

Re-visit soon for expert advice of the acknowledged professionals in oil and gas offshore investing.

Requirements for candidates to be shortlisted at the early stage of pre-employment interview are very strict. The candidates with chronic diseases (heart, liver, gastrointestinal tract, etc.), with health deviations in the forms or conditions, such as, for example, impaired hearing or vision, won't ever get hired. No criminal record or at least sustainable criminal background history, no alcoholics and drug addicts - for known reasons. Written confirmation in the form of the relevant health certificates. Administrative and supervisory positions require knowledge of the English or of the Norwegian languages and satisfactory communication skills.

First Timers

There are some marine and offshore courses for first time seekers of the vacancies on offshore oil rigs that are available in the city of Kherson, in Ukraine:

Each of these courses lasts from 1 day to 5 days at maximum, and they can be helpful at every stage of greenhand candidate's search for their very first entry-level position on offshore oil rigs, like Roughneck, Roustabout, Floorhand, Superstructure Painter/Rope Access Technician, or similar.

Marine Courses:

OPITO approved Offshore courses:

Even if it is not unusual to get hired for entry level job offshore without any courses, all the same good candidates are bei9ng necessarily sent to complete BOSIET and the rest of courses, without which no one will even be allowed to ever set their foot on the helideck. In any case, having at least one of these certifications beforehand is an advantage, as they are regarded by recruiters as signs of strong motivation to get through all those filters and get hired for offshore position and get a chance to prove yourself as a good choice of worker for offshore rig work with that fantastic salary.

What you need to become offshore oil platform motorman

In response to me request another offshore crewing company sent me the list of the required courses, and that's what they said:


Motorman can from time to time also be summoned to perform certain duties as Helideck Team Member and/or Fire Team Member, therefore Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats course completion should be an advantage for greenhand applicants, along with some of the following certifications: OPITO Survival (Bosiet, Huet) - mandatory - Engine Room Watch Keeping STCW 95 Certificate (if obtained from Falck Nutec in the UK, the price would constitute £ UK 465, plus 19% VAT), STCW Supporting Certificate. Should be ready to produce the valid ENG 1 (Flag State Medical) and UKOOA Medical (Offshore medical) confirmations. Also Seaman's Book. If resident outside the EU or USA/Canada, don't apply unless you are a candidate, who already obtained Traveller's Passport with Employment Visa or work permit issued by the relevant authorities and valid for the area, where the offshore employment opening is located.


A representative of the OTI Company in Baku, Azerbaijan, conducting BOSIET / FOET / HUET, Fire Team Member / Leader, Helideck Team Member (all OPITO approved) courses, as well as STCW courses. Hope this information will be useful. If necessary, oil rig job seekers can contact us by e-mail addresses or

Offshore vacancy announced. Senior drilling Engineer, Mud Logger, and Mud Engineer are needed to work offshore on contract basis during the next 3-6 months, citizenship/English language knowledge - not important, though with the same odds equal preference could be tributed to applicant of Indian nationality with US B1/OCS visa on hand. The offshore job will be aboard OSV/GUARD vessel. Only applicants with at least one year previous experience qualify. the rest, please, don't bother. Questions and suggestions:, Mike 324, personnel oilfield recruiter. Thank you.


I have been working on the offshore oil rig in the North Sea since 2001. There is some information in my possession that may be useful to the guys who are interested in getting employment aboard offshore rigs or oil production platforms.

The main employers in the North Sea's oilfield drilling/development industry are such as the Global Santa Fe, Ensco and Noble Drilling provide jobs for fairly large number of Russian-speaking workers and employers, especially the Noble Drilling. Most of those offshore rig workers, mainly entry level Roustabouts and Roughnecks, are citizens of Lithuania and Latvia. There also can be found citizens of Russia, but those are rather the exception from the rule than the rule itself. Work schedule in the Dutch zone is 2 weeks offshore, alternating with the next 2 weeks of rest and recreation on leave on land, the salary of Deckhand from among the Russian applicants being € 1100 per trip - much less than the salary any EU citizen would put his life at risk, working offshore even as a Galleyhand or Steward in offshore catering department.

There are 3 firms, recruiting offshore staff for these oil drilling and oilfield development contractors, two of them headquartered in Latvia and one with the head office in Germany. They do not ask for any fee to be paid inline via the Internet, therefore offers of employment on the offshore drilling rig for money should be taken as nonsense, mere scam. It is especially funny to read these suggestions from behalf of the Belarus offshore staffing agencies or whatever else they call themselves.

More on the salaries on offshore rigs

A friend of mine worked offshore on drilling platform as an Assistant Electrician for the Noble Drilling and they paid him € 1400 for 14 days. Now he left for a different crewing agency and works on contract for Ensco Drilling. To the best of my knowledge, his current earnings in the same positions on oil rig are € 3000 per 3 weeks. Still before getting employed offshore for his very first time he would work as Line Electrician on a ship for several consecutive years. Important information for greenhand offshore job lookers: there is no a position called Electrical Engineer on offshore platforms, drillships and other types of drilling installations. Instead there are lots of other available with different job titles and job descriptions/responsibilities, for example: Electrician, Electronic Technician, Electrical Supervisor, DP Technician, Electronic Supervisor, Chief Electrician. The list of electrical equipment servicing related positions may vary, depending on a given unit, but there is no Electrical Engineer job on offshore rigs. To get qualified for a specific position a company/drilling contractor will ask potential rig worker to attend different shore-based training that cover subjects like, say, SCR Control systems, EX Equipment, Drilling Equipment, PLC based systems, HV/LV Equipment to list just a few. Mind, training, successful completion and certification really increase your chances, but by no means guarantee employment. Job seekers in offshore act largely at their own risk, that's the sad truth for every greenhand applicant for that dream offshore Roustabout position to realize. Do your own research on the Internet to find out details of employment with oil offshore drilling and oilfield servicing contractors that work on projects for some of the major and middle size oil companies that are active in the North Sea, for example: Marathon, ENI, Shell, Marathon, Puglisevich Crews and Services Ltd, Transocean, Talisman, Transocean, ENI, BP, Shell, Marathon, Statoil. Salaries differ and the requirements/certifications can be not compatible with different offshore job providers, excluding entry level no-experience-required vacancies like Roustabout, Roughneck, Motorman, Radioroom Operator, Mechanic, Galleyhand.

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