Rigs hiring with no experience

When it comes to getting hired, the hardest thing in employment on offshore oil platform or any other type of offshore rig should be finding way to get the job there for the very first time. When you have no experience, it's hardest. Previous experience is the very first information recruiters for offshore oil rig operators ask greenhand job seeker for, or use as a criteria when pre-selecting applicants CV's look for. And the sad truth is that the vast majority of applications from the category of the inexperienced gets rejected - even by the rigs known to be hiring with no experience. Oil platforms and other offshore oil drilling/production/exploration facilities ask candidate for some previous experience even if you apply for the most ordinary job opening of unskilled manual laborer (Roustabout) or Roughneck. The point is that the oil industry, especially its offshore sector, sticks to the economically grounded policy of attracting labor by the measure of proceeding through the different consecutive stages of implementation of a specific oil drilling/exploration project, as opposed to manning a continuously running enterprise or offshore oil drilling facility with a complete set of the rig workers of all trades that might be required to keep line process running. The stand by workers are afforded only, if there's no other way than keeping them on call and ready to start doing their job right away. At every given phase of project implementation offshore oil rig is crewed according to a staffing plan, developed for that specific phase. Oil drilling industry is predominantly project based, therefore we could hardly speak about such thing as lifetime employment. Whenever project gets completed, the employees and oil rig workers get dismissed and have to look for a different project to get hired for. If you have experience, you're most likely to be gladly hired by new rig.

Rigs are hiring now and oil rig workers are in high demand. There are over 1200

Featured entry-level oil rig job

With no experience, but with proper training and certifications, often enough oil rigs, both offshore and land based, will hire greenhand candidate for a position of Electrical Technician. This is another entry-level job on rigs. As generalized brief job description reads, Electrical Technicians work under supervision of Rig Electrician, performing routine maintenance and and unscheduled repairs of electrical equipment and appliances available aboard oil rig. Pre-requisites include: Diploma by accredited trade or vocational school, NVQ/SVQ Level 3 certification, completion of OPITO approved Technician Training course, medical and fitness compliance check, BOSIET (for offshore rigs). Promotion opportunities: Assistant Electrician, Chief Electrician, Electrical Engineer.

Most popular oil drilling jobs by frequency of hiring:

  • Drilling Engineer Well Design Specialist
  • Drilling Engineer, Offshore
  • Performance Drilling Engineer
  • Contracts Advisor
  • Drilling Engineer Operations Specialist
  • Barge\Marine Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Inspector
  • Rig Electrical Engineer
  • Offshore Drilling Rig Maintenance Supervisor
  • Material Advisor
  • Drilling Engineer
  • Drilling Foreman
  • Directional Driller, Offshore, Drillship

Opportunities in Oil & Gas

The Saudi Aramco continuously holds various events, featuring employment and career opportunities in all sectors of oil and gas industry. There are rigs hiring with no experience, though not as many as you'd wish. Besides selecting eligible candidates for interview, the oil job events are also meant to raise potential greenhand oil rig job seekers' awareness of challenges existing in oil and gas industry and the specifics of working in different sectors. Thus the participants could better understand the challenges and make their informed decision whether it is offshore upstream sector or elsewhere where they would really desire to work, if in oil @ gas industry at all. In part, there are recruitment events, where some rigs see if they could hire someone with no experience in offshore sector. There are opportunities both for expatriates and nationals of other countries.

Recruitment Event

This opportunities & recruitment event is to take place on November 13 this year, Thursday, at the address:

10am - 7pm
Hilton Aberdeen Treetops
161 Springfield Road
AB15 7AQ

Rigs hiring in Alberta, Canada: Brinkerhoff Drilling, 500, 500 5th Ave SW, Calgary Alberta, Canada. Akita Drilling, 900, 311 6th Ave SW, Calgary Alberta, Canada. Cora Lynn Drilling, located in Strathmore. Kinnell Drilling - contractor that runs 6 land based oilfield rigs in the western part of Canada.

Rigs hiring in Texas: Cactus Drilling Co, LLC: Rig 162 and Rig 163, type ROCKET-AC. The other jobs are in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and North Dakota.

Offshore rig decommissioning jobs

This type of offshore oil rig jobs is relatively new, and it has been brought to the market of employment with the adoption of the recent environment protective legislature in Norway, UK, USA, Canada and some other oil & gas producing countries. The jobs we're speaking about are rig decommissioning jobs. Until anybody would even start to care, there accumulated forests of unused oil platforms and separate wells in certain offshore areas of oil production (Gulf of Mexico, North Sea). These out of production rigs have become a huge source of the new class of offshore jobs required for dismantling and removing completely those rigs and other oil production installations that have been put out of operation.

Expert opinions differ when the analysts predict, how fast the market, stemming from the requirement to decommission the abandoned wells and offshore oil production platforms can evolve. Also it's not yet clear, when it's going to reach the point of starting to produce some tangible effect on situation in offshore manpower redistribution. But considering for different wells and platforms there could be set different rules and regulations, each oil rig or offshore oil production installation may require different number of workers and time of them doing job in the course of decommissioning. This number of this kind of offshore jobs could become evaluated more precisely already in the next couple of years, as no delay in starting decommissioning old offshore rigs is expected. More jobs for workers and employees of all trades, ranging from most popular no previous experience Roustabouts, Roughnecks, Floorhands to highly experienced rig welders, crane operators, forklift operators, electricians, engineers, all sorts of supervisors etc. could anticipate fast and prolonged employment.

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