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Mechanics are needed for maintenance and repair of power units and drilling rigs on offshore oil platforms. Job of Mechaninc on offshore oil platform, FPSO, drillship, or other offshore oil production/exploration facility of the kind, assumes working by shifts on rotation schedule. An employee or worker gets contracted for at least 6 months period with option to either renew or terminate the contract after it expires. The list of vacancies in the oil companies that hire includes up to 600 open positions, and the list of the vacancies available is continuously being updated. There's a high rate of workforce turnaround in oil and gas upstream sector, especially of the staff in low end and entry level positions (Mechanics, Motorman, Electricians, Roustabout, Roughneck etc. are especially affected). The candidate that qualifies is being offered an individual contract, which stipulates the position of Offshore Mechanic, wages, contract duration and so on. The salaries on offshore platforms or other drilling units depend highly on the position, knowledge, qualifications and experience, and for the positions these recruiters suggest can range between $US 2000 - $US 7000 a month. The staff is permanently offered to attend refresher courses to be able to keep up with permanently changing requirements, job of Offshore Rig Mechanic there making no exclusion from the general rule. We provide consulting and information services on different aspects of offshore employment in oil exploration and production. The decision whether to conclude the contract with a specific candidate for the job opening is being taken by the contractor's representative that employ.

Offshore mechanic jibs on drilling/exploration rigs in Norway sector of the North Sea. Number of views: 86; Posted: 13:48 August 11, 2014, number: 62499933

The Gulf of Mexico's deepwater part today remains one of the most promising oil-bearing regions of the United States is. The Editor of Popular Mechanics, Carl Hoffman, travelled there in a helicopter to see with his own eyes what the life and work of offshore oil drillers looks like aboard the most modern and technically advanced offshore oil rig. Every day the specialists on offshore oil platform Noble Clyde Boudreaux in the Gulf of Mexico perform some of the drilling operations that would have been considered impossible only a decade ago: they penetrate the oil reservoir, resting on the seabed at the depth the 2.5 km of ocean water. Mechanics operate the drill from the inside of the glass cab, ensuring the drilling process is being performed according to the specifications they receive from Toolpusher and Drilling Engineers. The Rig Mechanics lounge in specially designed ergonomic chairs and control the movement of the drill, using joysticks. The drilling for oil deposits never stops on the platform for a single second since it started early in July 2007. The pipe and spinning 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and so continues work of Rig Mechanics on a rotation schedule, like everything goes on aboard offshore oil rig of any type. Inside the cab you can see lots of computer monitors, gauges, knobs, like in the cockpit of a modern plane or helicopter. The modern drilling is long time ago nothing like it was a couple of decades ago: the drilling is computerized, and high-tech surroundings is nothing on oil rig to be surprised about. Currently there are about 4000 offshore oil production/exploration platforms scattered in the Gulf of Mexico, mostly providing jobs to different offshore mechanics specialized in shallow water drilling.

Places to consider for employment that we are going to review: oilfield Coulomb (developed by Shell, located 230 km south-east of the New Orleans); Chevron's Jack # 2 oil well, some 250 miles away from the New Orleans; Boudreau Platform Boudreau owned by Texas headquartered contractor Noble that specializes in the exploration and development of already discovered oil deposits. It makes the part of the Perdido project (Shell company). Silvertip and Tobago oilfields are also to provide more Rig Mechanic jobs.

Captain, Mechanic, and Cook of the Arctic Sunrise Arrested

Greenpeace have been accused of piracy on an oil platform in Russia.

30 people from 18 countries face charges of piracy. The environmentalists attempted to board a Russian offshore oil platform. Like dangerous criminals, they were brought to court in handcuffs. Two Russian Greenpeace activists were the first from the group to be sentenced to serve 2 months of the arrest in jail. After that, the judges began to send foreigners to jail. The Greenpeace say that it had not been an pirate attack, but a protest action against the development of oilfields in the Arctic. Currently there has been achieved agreements and concluded contracts between Rosneft and BP concerning drilling wells in search for offshore oil reserves in Russia's part of Arctic.

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Becoming Rig Mechanic. Rig Mechanical Courses

Rig mechanical courses, targeted at oil drilling industry, normally include 3 levels: Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced. You do not need to be a delegate to get enrolled, this kind of courses often are allowed to be attended by any greenhand job seeker, aspiring to land an entry level job on offshore rigs. If you already work as Roustabout or even in a Galleyhand role in offshore rig's catering department, completing Rig Mechanic Course offers foundation for seekers of offshore employment that have ambition to get hired, transferred or promoted to a position of oil rig mechanic on land based oilfields or in offshore sector. Good Rig Mechanic Course should be accredited with the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADS) or any other similar regulatory or certification body or accredited trade association within the offshore industry.

Completing Rig Mechanical Course may be useful for every fresher who has been lucky to get hired, especially for those candidates in their active search for promotion or a well salaries employment in the oil and gas production industry as trained rig worker on a drilling rig. Greenhand oil rig employment job seekers most probably are going to be interested in level 1 (introductory Rig Mechanical Course). If you're already within the oil extraction industry, it's recommended that you attend, if you are: Assistant Rig Mechanic, aspiring to get promoted to the superior position within mechanic trade on oil rigs; member of well servicing or oil drilling team - you'll get the initial knowledge of rigging equipment and learn how it functions; Motorman; an employee in charge of the inspection, test, and checks of drilling equipment on offshore and land based oil rigs; maintenance team worker; deck crew member or seaman, looking to get transferred and become a member of the offshore platform team charged with maintenance duties; auxiliary and support workers before they are allowed to work on another type of drilling rig than they used to operate or service before; greenhand Roustabouts and Roughnecks hoping to get promoted to a position of Assistant Rig Mechanic, and subsequently Rig Mechanic.

Successful graduates of these courses with normal duration of 2 days of the curriculum in classroom and some drills are issued IADS accredited certificate of the completion, while candidates, who failed to pass the final tests are given certificate of the attendance. Successful graduates of Introductory Rig Mechanical Course may next proceed to Level 2, intermediate, Rig Mechanic Course (RMC or RMP). So far, the introductory course covers the following subjects: drilling equipment and safety rules of working at oil rigs; power plant design and functions; oil drilling rig design and functions; mud systems; BOP/Well Control basics.

The skills and knowledge that attendees are supposed to acquire after finishing the Introductory Rig Mechanic program include: visual inspection of oil drilling rig with purpose to discover signs pointing at possible deficiencies and malfunctions; identifying major parts and pieces that comprise drilling assembly; know and apply the industry criteria used in the course of visual inspection of equipment such as principal engines, their locations, and the safety rules of handling them; top drive/rotary, drawworks, etc. mud pumps, well control equipment available on offshore oil rig; understand and explain the eddy current (Elmagco) brake functioning; performing the routine mechanical maintenance work in accordance with rig servicing plan/blueprints/instructions; know and understand how to apply the standards (for example, API) adopted across the drilling industry with regards to the mechanical drilling equipment in charge or under supervision of the Rig Mechanic; interpreting certificates like OEM, NDT, and the like; ability and the required skills, allowing recognize deficiencies most commonly occurring in oilfield well control equipment (BOP equipment).19.09.2014 - 2015.

Level 3 Maintenance Mechanic

List of the featured contractors, currently looking to employ people for Rig Mechanic job or Rig Mechanic related positions, has recently been replenished by Nabors. The company requires candidates that qualify to work on corporation's oil rigs in Pennsylvania, specifically at Black Lick. Job opening: level 3 Maintenance Mechanic, whose primary functions would include ensuring routine inspection and maintenance of rig drilling equipment. Good fit should be someone with excellent oral communication skills and the ability to both coach and supervise subordinate entry-level workers that continuously join maintenance crew and submit conclusions as for their fitness for positions they have been employed to be tested for on site. The other duties include regular inspection, early spotting of deficiencies and troubleshooting them, as well as being responsible for timely repairs to prevent any breakdowns that might cause the costly interruption of the operations.

Level 3 Rig Maintenance Job Description

The duties of the level 3 Mechanic on a rig will normally include the following basic functions that could, as a rule, be extended and adjusted according the requirements and needs of a specific employer and specific oil drilling rig, offshore or onshore.

About Nabors

Nabors is another major employer and provider of jobs in oil & gas industry, including upstream offshore sector. Nabors provides offshore platform contract workover services and supplies different type oil rigs to both US based and international leading oil companies and provides contract drilling-oil exploration/production. This oil company's fleet of land based rigs is considered to be the largest in the world. It also operates numerous completion and workover facilities, and services more well sites in the North America than any other contractor across the industry. Advanced drilling technologies, developed and implemented by Nabors, involve the use of cutting edge, indeed sophisticated drilling equipment, requiring attention of high class rig mechanics. The company continuously works on the improvement and better automation/computerization of directional drilling process to ensure it is accident free, safe for humans, and doesn't hurt environment. Nabors range of oilfield services is considered to be one corresponding to the strictest standards in oil and gas industry across the world.

Level 3 Rig Mechanic is a skilled, trained, certified specialist, eligible and ready to carry out at least the following scope of functions, whenever needed, doing it under minimum supervision, involving big deal of personal initiative: take part in training sessions and courses that the company provides on site for employees and workers concerned; be ready to provide the necessary help to government representatives performing checks of drilling equipment, present on oil rig; should be competent enough to comply with the guidelines, requirements, standards, procedures, and policies set for the position of Rig Mechanic; be competent and ready to advise logistics managers on the supply of spare parts, lubricants, disposable materials etc., needed for maintenance and servicing the rig; via OEM and company training to carry out cargo inspection in order to ensure early detection of need for emergency or out of the plan repairs; organize and lead coaching and mentoring classes for entry-level oil rig workers that just started doing their greenhand jobs (Roustabout, Leasehand, Floorhand, Floorman, Ass. Crane Operator, Derrickman) and line mechanics and supervise those directly engaged in the repairs of equipment; no question asked, when required to substitute and carry out the full scope of the responsibilities outlined for entry level and second level (subordinate) mechanics; oversees and ensures staff compliance with all relevant legislature, industry regulations, company policy set5 for mechanical maintenance operations on the rig; checks validity of driving licenses before allowing employees to operate vehicles under the company's ownership; Obey and strictly stick to the instructions coming from the employees in supervisory positions on oil rigs; be skilled to the extent allowing candidate to operate efficiently and in the safe manner some specific pieces of heavy mechanical equipment; Leads maintenance team in course of their providing ongoing inspection, checks, and maintenance of the equipment as required from mechanics side; head safety meetings, always on alert for hazards that might need anticipation and prevention, responsible for JSA compliance; computer literate; good task planner; responsible for noticing, registering and reporting unsafe behavior or unsafe equipment operation, emergency situations, incidents, accidents, hazards and non-compliance with job safety rules aboard the rig. Again, the list of the Rig Mechanic responsibilities is by never means limited to the above mentioned.

More jobs with Nabors:

Job seekers are encouraged to check soon for new offshore and land based oil rig job openings and vacancies with following employers and recruiters for oil and gas upstream sector: Halliburton, National Oilwell Varco (TX, USA), First Technical Recruitment (Hampshire, England, UK), Thorpe Molloy Recruitment, UK; Strategic Resources ERC Ltd (London), Fircroft (Aberdeen, the UK); Kintec Recruitment (Stockton, Wiltshire, England, the UK), Progressive Global Energy & Natural Resources (TX, USA); Pacific Drilling.

Latest vacancies from these oil rig job providers: DOT Crew Chief; Electrical Engineer; Mechanical Design Checker; DOT Derrick Worker - Derrickman; Crane Operator (Offshore); Medic; mechanically skilled Maintenance Roustabout; MPD Equipment Design Manager; Roughneck; Forman; Storeman; Materials Man; Camp Boss; Technical Professional II in Brighton, CO; Experienced Derrick Worker, job location: Williston, ND; Mechanical Designer; DOT Truck Driver; DOT Mechanic - Level 4 - Kenedy, TX; Business Development Manager-Drilling Rigs; CDL Frac Equipment Operator in Gaylord, MI - should be US or Canada resident; Drilling Performance Engineer; Surface System Maintenance Technician. More job openings come soon from new employment providers in oil and gas.

Jobs with transferable skills: Heating / Refrigeration Mechanic

If you have experience and advanced skills doing this kind of land based or marine job, you as a candidate have preferable chances to be short listed for the interview to get entry level offshore job of Maintenance Roustabout on offshore oil rig with prospects to learn on site and get promoted then to a position of a Motorman or Line Mechanic on offshore oil drilling platform or drillship. Good thing about job of Heating / Refrigeration Mechanic, it doesn't require College Degree, which means you may start working towards getting trained as Heating / Refrigeration Mechanic right away as your very first step to get pre-requisites to qualify yourself as candidate for offshore Rig Mechanic position in the future. Even on land this kind of Mechanic job offers good salary - around $US 26,000 - 28,000 to start from, with prospects to increase more than twice - quite comparable with low end offshore salaries, as entry-level offshore job seeker can see. The other titles for the same position are HVAC Technician or HVACR Technician.

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