Banksman and Slinger Training For Beginners

The suggested Banksman/Slinger training course could be recommended for greenhand applicants for offshore job in order to improve their chances that they have as candidates without prior experience of working on offshore platforms or other types of offshore oil rigs, to get their very first employment in the offshore industry, which is believed to be one of the most secluded and most saught for on the world's employment market. Getting your very first job aboard offshore oil platform, not important which of them, should be regarded as important above all achievements for the start. Once you are in there, on offshore oil rigs, then getting your next position as already experienced applicant, be it even the lowest end Roustabout, with a different provider of offshore jobs for both skilled high end professional and inexperienced Roustabout, Roughneck, Galleyhand, Laundryman, Floorhand (Flooreman) will be just a matter of submitting your CV, confirming you've got real experience of working and living aboard offshore oil rig, and that you survived. The duration of this course, correctly called "Banksman and Slinger Training Stage 1" is only 3 days, and it is being run and offered to any willing candidate by Petrofac for the price, which currently constitutes £UK 622 (which makes approx. $US 1,038 or € 775) plus £UK 25 applicable fee (€31 or $US 42)

Course Summary:

To give this training course's brief description, the course has been designed to teach the students some necessary theory, afterwards backed with practical drills to pick up knowledge about how safely perform lifting by correctly using the equipment and accessories. The Banksman and Slinger Training Stage 1 course at Petrofac is OPITO approved and complies with all current standards set by this organization.


The training course is structured in the best way so it ensures that the graduates would have acquired enough skills and knowledge to be considered competent to:

Eligibility: There's no restrictions or limitation as for the pre-requisites for enrollees, anyone can enroll and attend this OPITO approved Banksman and Slinger Training Stage 1 course at Petrofac. There is no even medical exam to pass, just a form with answers concerning the trainees health condition to complete and sign before the courses start. The training in question can be recommended to the existing offshore oil drilling personnel doing their jobs on platforms, drillships, jack-up rigs, semisubmersibles, MODU's and other installations, as well as for greenhand offshore job seekers looking for entry-level jobs aboard offshore oil rigs, such as Roustabout, Roughneck, Painter, Rope Access Technician etc. - this category could increase their odds of getting hired dramatically over the other competitors for well salaried entry level positions on oil rigs that often require practically no hands-on prior experience, just physical fitness and huge motivation to pursue career on offshore oil rigs. Yet other category of the staff that would definitely benefit from Banksman and Slinger Training Stage 1 course in the sense of bettering their professional growth outlook is low and middle chain managers on offshore oil production installations who could be interested in getting clearance to become responsible for safe offshore crane lifting operations. The 3 day course on Banksman and Slinger Training Stage 1 will be completed with the issuance of OPITO-approved, 2 years long valid, certificates to all successful graduates. Certification is required to be repeated each 2 years, when the old certificate expires.

Each next Banksman and Slinger Training Stage 1 course at Petrofac begins at 14 days interval, at Monrose, Scotland: Forties Road Industrial Estate, Montrose, Scotland at Petrofac's training facility.

There is no government sponsored program, allowing funding this program, as far as we know. Anyway, if you turn out lucky, the price invested into Banksman and Slinger Training Stage 1 course, will turn out well worth being spent. You'll get all that money back in a matter of mere couple of days, should you get a position of a simple dishwasher in the galley department on oil rig, say nothing of getting employed at the entry level as Galleyhand, Steward, Roustabout, Painter, Rope Access Technician or something like that. Moreover, after having worked successfully for a couple of months and having proved yourself as a good offshore rig worker, you could approach your employer with a request of reimbursement. As a rule, such requests are satisfied if drilling company believe they got a good worker complying with the standards they had been looking for during headhunting.

Global Oil and Gas Drilling Training Center in Houston

Back in the year 2013 the Houston Community College started to construct its own oil and gas drilling training center, aimed to train entry-level workers for offshore drilling industry. The training facility will be primarily used to train in realistically replicated environment greenhand roustabouts and roughnecks for forming crews, capable of starting to perform exploratory and/or production oil drilling for oil drilling contractors that operate offshore and landbased rigs and facilities. The Center will be equipped with all sorts of simulators, necessary for training entry-level crews, as planned by a special training program, adopted by several oil drilling contractors, such as Diamond Offshore Drilling. GOGDTC in Houston is expected to train around 25 thousand entry-level workers without previous experience of working offshore to substitute the experienced rig workers that are to retire during the next several years. That's actually a good piece of news for those hoping to find ebtry-level job with big salary in offshore oil drilling industry.

Main Center's training program will be a fortnight long practical course, during which the trainees will be instructed and taught to work in the environment with lots of different equipment and mechanisms normally present aboard actual oil drilling platforms, drillship's drilldeck, modu, or any other type of offshore rig. These are cranes, forklifts, winches etc. and get trained to safely handle all sorts of cargoes moved around their working place, as well as to clean tanks, tug ropes and hoses, provide minor onsite repairs and the simplest maintenance of mechanisms, appliances, and tools, routinely used by roughnecks and roustabouts in performing their daily duties. The other skills to be picked up include the rules of working in limited space, banksman and slinger training for beginners, fire fighting, using fire extinguishers, evacuation, including HUET (OPITO approved), emergency first aid for the injured etc. The Program sponsors hope to attract good candidates from among former military, seamen, as well as high school graduates who would have enough ambition not to remain on job at entry level as hard physical force laborers, but to learn further to make careers in engineering and supervisory positions.

Other training centers:

National Oilwell Varco (NOV), annually spending tens of millions of dollars on training their employees and workers, runs (so far) 3 training centers around the world: in Kristiansand, Norway; in Houston, TX, USA; and in Singapore; more oil drilling training facilities are to open. Since 2008 National Oilwell Varco runs its own Technical College program that works towards meeting the growing demand for trained workforce to service offshore oil rigs under construction that await commissioning. NOV training center in Houston recently included simulators that allow training in realistic offshore environment covering Crane Controls, Electronic Drilling System (EDS), Cyberbase, and Amphion.

Diamond Offshore Drilling training facility in Houston offers WellCap and IADC accredited courses and training sessions, using simulators and onsite training, that cover fields and aspects like well control, dynamic positioning, storm preparation procedures, ballast control/stability, deepwater drilling safety, and some other courses for both entry level and experienced personnel.

Oman Training Center (OTC) in Muscat, owned by Nabors, is believed to be one of the oldest, functioning over 15 years up to date and providing safety centered courses internationally, at the early start was specialized in training rig electricians and rig mechanics. Afterwards to the said 2 courses there were added cyberdrilling training course and QHSE course. International OTC is famous for its Cyber Chair Simulator capable of imitating different situations that might occur in course of well control or drilling process that require operator's intervention. Instead of being decommissionned, another offshore rig is planned to be transformed to real time on site drilling training detached facility that would model the rig functionning the closest possible to what is happenning on a production platform.

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