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Though by no means considered clean and tidy occupation within the terms of the environment and mechanisms to handle, the vast majority of the contemporary oil rig jobs that are needed to be done along the process of offshore oil drilling no longer deal with laborers having to move noisy machinery around the drilldeck, pulling manually heavy hoses and the like, while wearing dirty overalls all blurred and stained by oil and smeared by grease. In fact, it's only Roughnecks, Roustabouts, and Derrickman, whose job on offshore platform remains very dirty, but even their work on many instances include partially or completely automated operations that reduce to minimum the chance of being physically damaged. As for the work of heavy machinery, present on the oil drilling deck, it to the great extent is monitored using computers and being operated using remote controls thus reducing formerly dangerous nature of this kind of offshore jobs on platforms and different floating oil drilling units or drillships.

Instead of hardly literate tough guys offshore oil industry now offers vacancies for highly skilled employees, such as Toolpusher, Mudlogger, Mud Engineer, Mechanic, Electrician, Camp Boss, Radioroom Operator, Storeman, and many, many different trades and jobs needed to keep a contemporary offshore oil production or exploration facility running smoothly and efficiently including catering department that provides for quality of living aboard offshore oil platforms.

Offshore life and career opportunities

In order to be better understood, let me refer, as an example, to the standards of offshore life and some of the conveniences for offshore personnel offered by widely known offshore oil drilling contractor Maersk Drilling. First, take a working schedule. With Maersk Drilling offshore workers and employees work on rotation schedule, meaning alternating 2-4 weeks of offshore job with certain prolonged amount of days off on leave onshore. In fact you work only part of a year, while the rest of the time is totally yours, and workers may dedicate those leaves to whatever they want, ranging from recreation to learning other skills on different available courses that could be important for those motivated to pursue promotion to better paid and less physically demanding jobs aboard offshore oil rig. In fact, Maersk Drilling encourages their personnel to get more training and additional skills.

There's always room for promotion and career for motivated individuals who do not mind attending training that their rig administration might suggest for them during their leave from job offshore. Through developing their professional skills many low end offshore workers made their way from simple Roustabout or Roughneck to upper steps of career ladder, becoming a Toolpusher, getting job in offshore rig administration or even becoming a Rig Manager. Still, everyone, who considers get employed to work on offshore platforms or other types of rigs, should be sure he or she can and will endure working at least 12 hours in a row. It's all people, regardless of their specific offshore position, that work so. It's duration of a shift, and it won't be reduced, while everybody may be asked to work extra hours or even be summoned to assist the active crew on shift. Extra hours, of course, are paid additionally for, double and sometimes three times exceeding regular salary (wage rate).

Under such heavily exhausting working conditions, there's a special attention on offshore oil rigs given to ways of recreating and regaining forces. There are some leisure and sports training facilities and fitness rooms. Workers and employees may choose the mode they prefer spending their free time: you may do fitness exercises, watch movie, play some games, or just have a rest. Alcohol, say nothing of drugs, id prohibited on offshore rigs. Smoking is afforded, but never favored. You may even loose your highly lucrative offshore job in favor of another candidate, who with the same other data being equal has an advantage of being non-smoker. Mind that!

Seadrill is looking to hire Crane Operator with supervisory functions


Good candidate for the suggested position of Offshore Crane Operator, offered by the Seadrill Co. would be someone with enough competence and prior experience, allowing him or her, aside from their primary duties to operate MH Knuckle Boom or Liebherr BOS 4200-80 type cranes, to carry out in parallel overseeing the activities of junior members of drill deck such as Roustabouts and Assistant Crane Operator. This is a position that reports immediately to Toolpusher. Job location: offshore Newfoundland, Canada.

Brief job description of Offshore Crane Operator: Offshore worker in this position is obligated to efficiently operate the oil rig's cranes in full compliance with the company's instructions and environment protection and safety limitations, according to the specifications that apply. Immediate responsibilities of Offshore Crane Operator include inspection and ensuring the first stage maintenance and ongoing repairs of the cranes and lifting cargo equipment he would be in charge of. Responsible for safe and efficient performance of all lifting and loading/unloading operations that involve using cranes he is in charge of.

Good candidate will be someone, able to demonstrate and prove:

  • Excellent health condition backed by the results of the suggested physical and drug screening test
  • Clean criminal record, confirmed by pre-employment background check
  • Availability of minimum High School Diploma (or GED equivalent)
  • Should be holder of Level 3 Crane Certificate
  • Prior experience in a position of Crane Operator of at least three yrs followed by practical experience of accident/damage free, flawless previous job operating MH Knuckle Boom or/and Liebherr BOS 4200-80.
  • Previous experience of working aboard the 6th generation semisubmersible offshore oil rig in whatever part of the world, position not important, even it had been Roustabout or Roughneck.

    Responsibilities of Offshore Crane Operator include, but are not limited to:

    1. Offshore Crane Operator is primarily and foremost responsible for operating the crane (cranes) he is in charge of in a responsible, safe, and efficient manner according to the specifications and the safety policy, created by the company (Seadrill). The latter should be done, using or applying PTW, OBS Cards, 4-point check, etc.
    2. Ensuring crane operations are in complete compliance with the technical limitations
    3. Inspects both visually and, wherever needed, through technically testing, parts and overall assembly of all available lifting equipment used in course of operating offshore crane in accordance with the company adopted procedures
    4. Since this is a supervisory position, should be able to demonstrate good communication skills, both oral and using standard signs and commands (supervises Roustabouts and Assistant Crane Operator). As part of supervisory staff, issues recommendations concerning promotions, transfers to a different positions, imposition of the penalties on the staff he oversees; reports accidents, dangerous or unsafe situations or activities; contributes with recommendations aimed to further improve offshore work safety status on oil rig; participates in safety meetings and training; performs all specified emergency duties, as outlined in the service instruction
    5. Should have experience and prove the ability to perform the role of offshore Helicopter Landing Officer
    6. Responsible for managing and proper handling of hazardous materials
    7. Instructs, educates, and trains and coaches the supervised drilldeck and cargo deck crew members to improve their performance in their current positions; issues detailed instructions to Roustabouts, believed to be remind for specific current and expected operations
    8. Effectively use all safety and environmental tools employed by Seadrill (4-point check, OBS Cards, PTW, etc.)

    No obligation or promise to ensure being shortlisted for the interview, say nothing of getting hired for any of the applicants. Only the selected candidates will be contacted to discuss the date and details of the interview.

    Featured CV
    for Roustabout/roughneck positions

    Ref # KL091CDFR014

    John McKillan updated CV, May 14

    Please, find attached a copy of my CV for consideration, any feedback or advice on making my first move offshore would be greatly appreciated. John McKillan 220 Rannoch Road Perth PH1 2DW 07474376540.


    A practical, well organized and dependable individual, resourceful in approach with an ability to work effectively as part of a team as well as on own initiative. Able to follow standard operating procedures and work in a methodical tidy manner whilst at all times adhering to Health and Safety guidelines and directives. Now looking for a suitable position with a company which offers genuine room for development of skills and progression of ambition and also which will afford me the chance to make a significant contribution to the organization itself.

    Enjoy working as part of a team ensuring that tasks are carried out within specific time frames. Able to operate and use a wide range of industrial equipment from band saws and crosscut machines to twin blade apparatus. Can adapt efficiently to new work environments and ways of addressing practical and physical tasks ? Flexible, proactive and conscientious in approach. Able to work well on own initiative demonstrating excellent time and self-management skills. Capable of working indoor/outdoor environments and carry out a broad range of tasks to the highest standards, meticulously and competently.


    Plumbcneter, Perth. From Dec 2010 to Sept 2013 - Storeperson, Key holder. Responsibilities included: Liaison with contractors and other agencies, handling cash and money transactions. Counterbalance forklift license. Banksman. Health and safety. Perthshire Timber, Dunkeld. May 2009 to Oct 2010. Machinist. Operating machinery. Maintenance of industrial equipment. William Wilson, Perth. Oct 2007 to May 2009. Storeperson. Receiving, moving and storing incoming goods. Loading and unloading vehicles. Checking and inspecting goods. Counterbalance forklift license. Banksman for Graintec Ltd, Wiltshire, employed on permanent contract from Sept 2004 to Oct 2007. Installation of grain silos, ship loaders and various agricultural systems. Fault diagnosis and repair. Reactive and planned maintenance. Working at heights, could be good experience for being qualified as offshore Rope Access Technician. Got some valuable experience and skills of working in confined spaces and working in explosive environments with hazardous materials. Banksman, Slinger. Rope access. Camerons Audi, Perth. Aug 2000 to Sept 2003. Apprentice Technician. Diagnosis and repair of petrol and diesel engines. Specialized brand training courses.


    Perth College. HNC Engineering Systems. Sept 2013 to Present. Studied: Pneumatics and Hydraulics, Thermo fluids, Control systems, C.A.D, Renewables. NC Mechanical Engineering, from Sept 2003 to June 2004. Studied: MIG/MAG welding, TIG welding, MMA welding, Turning, Mechanical fitting. HN Mechatronics with robotics, from Sept 2002 to June 2003. Studied: Fault finding and repair, Advanced Higher Systems, City and Guilds Level 3 Vehicle Technician Apprenticeship, Aug 2000 to June 2003. Block release opportunity, during which time I developed: Engine management systems, Fault finding and diagnosis, Methodical approaches to repair, Health and safety, COSHH.

    REFERENCES: excellent references available on request, even if no previous offshore or land based oil rigging experience in any of the capacities.

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