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Hercules Offshore

Another company that offer oil rig jobs is one, providing offshore contract drilling services for the world's biggest oil companies, such as ESSO, Chevron, Exxon Mobile, British Petroleum and therefore continuously hiring specialist offshore drilling personnel for different kinds of jobs on sea based oil production installations is Hercules Offshore, with the head office in Houston, Texas. Besides specifically oil jobs on different type offshore oil drilling rigs like jack up platforms, drillships, or mobile oil drilling units (MODU) this contractor also hires people that they need for providing liftboat services for their clients, meaning that seamen jobs are available from them as well and it is possible to get employed for variety of marine vacancies. Moreover, since offshore oil drilling installations, even those fixed to one location, fall under the jurisdiction on the international maritime law, they are required to be manned by a certain amount of marine staff, such as men and women in positions of Ordinary Seaman, Able-Bodied Seaman, Bosun, Offshore Barge Captain.

One more reason Hercules Offshore should be regarded as another provider of offshore jobs is because they have the biggest number of jack up rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, US sector, and they keep the 4-th place by the number of the jack-ups in the world, while their fleet of lifeboats is second to none across the world. Besides actually drilling for oil and crude oil extraction, this offshore oil drilling contractor offer the full range of industry specific services, such as development drilling, oilfield well servicing, including the completion phase, all kinds of maintenance/inspection of oil rigs etc.

Hercules Offshore offers offshore jobs both in the USA and oversees. Of course, US based jobs require the American work permit, which almost always means US citizenship or US/Canada residence. Other offshore employment opportunities with this offshore contractor are located in different parts of the world (latest positions were: Cyber Drillers, 2 full-time contracts, in India and Singapore respectively, District Controller - citizens of Malaysia only; Vessel Operations Coordinator in the United Arab Emirates, Chief Rig Electrician in Angola, South Africa), there's an excellent offshore job search engine that they provide. They accept online CV/job applications in Lafayette and Houma via the computer kiosks, specially installed for that purpose.

As far as we can judge, the company employs directly only for high end supervisory and administrative positions and delegates recruitment of low end personnel, including Roustabouts, Roughnecks, Crane Operators and the rest of Deck Crew and Oil Drilling Crew members to recruiters and offshore crewing agencies.

The benefits for the employed personnel are outstanding, and they include: 401k program participation, medical insurance coverage, including dental treatment costs reimbursement, compensation of travel expenses, and free trade training along with very high salary.

Hercules Offshore is major provider of shallow-water drilling and liftboat services to some of the world's biggest and most known oil/petroleum production companiea, as well to an array of smaller oilfield operators in the industry of oil and gas. It is also one of the most important offshore jop providers in the Gulf of Mexico, where at the time of writing this review the company stationed 49 offshore jackup rigs. That's 50% of all jackup rigs it owns globally at places, where shallow water drilling services are needed. The other offshore oil drilling rigs it owns comprises one fixed stationary platform type oil production installation and 3 semisubmersibles for drilling outside the shallow water areas. Its fleet of liftboats is impressive, and contains over 40 contemporary liftboats. Another of its wholly owned subsidiaries, Delta Towing, is good place to find a marine job that could later lead applicant to being transferred to offshore industry employment.

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Auxiliary and support jobs

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Norway to issue more permits for exploratory offshore oil drilling

In the first half of 2016 the Norwegian authorities will begin issuing permits for drilling oil in offshore zones. 40 oil companies, including oil giants BP, Chevron, ConocoPhilips, Royal Dutch Shell and Statoil, have already expressed interest to obtain licenses, according to the Minister of Oil and Gas of Norway Haakon Mr. Smith-Isaksen. According to the Minister, the listed oil companies are ready to start drilling test wells within a short period of time, but there are obstacles in the form of certain complex bureaucratic procedures that could prolong the deadline for starting doing job exploring offshore oilfields right away. The said procedures might delay the actual start of drilling oil up to 30 months later from the date of filing the request for license. Experts estimate that the reserves of hydrocarbons in new oil bearing areas are about 1.9 million barrels in crude oil equivalent. There are reasons to believe there could be also found some major gas reserves along with oil deposits. According to the information made public by the media, the new offshore zone will be divided into 160 oil exploration/production sites, some of which will be developed jointly by several companies.

It is known that potentially oil-bearing areas, the development of which the Norwegian Minister spoke about, include advanced energy areas along the Russian Arctic borders. New areas of offshore drilling for oil were designated after 2010, when Norway and Russia agreed upon the resolution of some territorial issues in the Arctic following 4 decades of intense negotiations.


Scott Sheffield has predicted that in the near future, the daily output of crude oil, extracted in the USA, could surely exceed 14 billion barrels a day. Thus USA is going to become the world's largest producer of hydrocarbons, leaving far behind and outperforming drastically Saudi Arabia, say nothing of the rest of the OPEC countries and Russia. It's not about offshore drilling, though. The estimated crude reserves of America's Permian Basin, Eagle Ford, and Bakken Basin recoverable oil make total of nearly 200 billion barrels that could be extracted and processed in quantities, capable to flood the market with more petroleum than the global economy is capable to consume this time. Though, the next oil boom is possible only after the employment of some new oil drilling technologies, and those are not hydraulic fracturing or fracking variations. There are several of different technologies, and one of them is carbon dioxide injection method that can be used to do better oil drilling job, capable to result in recovering even more oil from each shale well, where the fracking technique was applied and has exhausted itself.

Another oilfield development and oil drilling contractor and oilfield job provider that has tested and started to apply the said oil drilling technology is Occidental Petroleum. The carbon dioxide injection method already accounts for 75% of the crude oil output by this oil company. Multi-well drilling, alternately referred to as Octopus oil drilling method is another that require skilled and specially trained oil rig workers to make profit from. The companies that dared to be first to try it got simply marvelous results. For example, while exploring oil deposits site in the Piceance Basin, Encana Corporation set the record of drilling 52 exploratory wells in a row. When exploration of the old oil pad was finished, they started drilling on a new site almost immediately, just after a couple of hours instead of having to spend several days for relocation of the rig to the place of the new drilling on oilfield. New oil drilling technologies mean new oil rig jobs, including entry level vacancies, and that's really good piece of news for greenhand job seekers with and without College degree.

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