Offshore Safety Specialist

Offshore Safety Specialist job description:

Offshore Safety Specialist normally reports directly to Safety OPS Manager. This position implies close contact with oil rig workers and personnel with the aim of having the best possible first hand understanding of the safety status in different and all departments of offshore oil rig, which is impossible without frequent and regular inspection of workplaces and close interaction with field workers for the purpose of ensuring the highest safety standard to the jobs they do on offshore oil drilling platforms and other types of rigs. Offshore Safety Specialist's main responsibility consists in responding promptly to safety issues in attempt to anticipate and reduce the accidents/incidents rate. This role on offshore oil rigs can equally be suited to both men and women, and it is a fantastic opportunity for both male and female job seekers to start an exciting offshore career, backed with excellent salary and lots of benefits. Timely taking the necessary preventive measures and conducting incident/accident investigations is also an important primary responsibility of Offshore Safety Specialist.

How to become an offshore safety officer

Review comes soon, and basides the necessary or suggested courses will include the overview of offshore safety specialist salary, as well as the descriptions of: offshore safety specialist jobs - offshore safety officer jobs - offshore health and safety jobs.

A known recruiter, Huxley Engineering, recently posted two job advertisements, featuring vacancies of Offshore Safety Specialist with the salaries respectively £70000 - £85000 and £70000 - £90000 per year, both offshore jobs in Aberdeen, Scotland. The other four job openings for Offshore Safety Specialist role are in the Gulf of Mexico with Danos (Danos & Curole Marine Contractors).

Lead Technical Safety Engineer

Job posting by Recruitment Holdings Ltd (RHL). Since 1977 this recruiter is believed to be among the leading technical recruitment consultancies that select and supply workforce for upstream Oil & Gas sector, including offshore oil drilling industry.

Job description:

Lead Technical Safety Engineer position has got opened within the boundaries of another oil & gas project to be started soon. Main office job location and workplace is based in the contractor's London office. Successful applicant is seen as an ambitious and highly driven individual, willing to join a specialist team, compiled in order to provide highly effective support at every stage of the project delivery that would involve the operations both to onshore and offshore oil facilities. Ideal candidate for the position on the Lead Safety Engineer would meet the following requirements: be experienced managing medium / large sized single discipline team, as well as be competent in applying assessment methods. Negotiable Salary ranging $US 100,000 to $US 168,000 backed by the generous benefits package. Qualifications: No experience needed, Undergraduate or University Degree, hands-on and theoretical experience in Technical Safety field, FEED, Topside, Offshore.

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Offshore Safety Specialist Job in Perth, Australia. The most important skills and experience for this offshore oil vacancy include: excellent oral communication skills; ability to coach all rig workers and personnel aboard offshore oil rig safety practices and safe behavior while at workplace and on the call out of duty; experience as HSE advisor for offshore oil and gas facilities; good knowledge in HSE legislation and the ways it is interpreted and applied to specific high risk situations and emergencies. This is a fantastic opportunity with a high salary that should be negotiated with good candidate for filling this offshore vacancy on the sea based rigs of Australia.

This position is closed, no more applications, please.

Similar jobs: Offshore Ports & Harbors Package Manager, Offshore Health & Safety Manager, Senior Technical Safety Engineer (Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland), Subsea Cabling Offshore Projects Safety Manager, Offshore Inspection Engineer (job location: Aberdeen, Scotland). Offshore Fire Safety Trainer.

Internships at ConocoPhillips

There are summer internships available with ConocoPhillips. These internships offer an exclusive chance to get into the oil drilling industry and especially its offshore sector, and thus start one's wonderful, exciting career with great salary already at an entry level for people without previous experience, who hold different engineering, mechanical, electrical, supervisory, administrative etc. college or university degree. The best greenhand offshore career ever!

Intern, Facility & Project Engineering 2015 in Houston, TX
Intern, Real Property Administration (RPA) 2015 in Bartersville, OK
Intern, Technical Safety Engineer 2015 in Houston, TX
2015 Communications Student 4 months in Alberta, Canada
Intern, Laboratory Researcher BTC - PhD 2015 in Bartersville WEST, OK
Intern, Information Technology 2015 Bartersville, OK
Intern, Occupational Health and Safety 2015 in Houston, TX
Summer Project 2015, Well Operations in Rogaland Norway
Oil Sands Reservoir Engineering Student 8 months in Alberta, Canada
Mechanical Technician, Instrument Technician, and Electrical Technician - offshore oil rig job openings in KEPULAUAN RIAU Indonesia

To find internships with ConocoPhillips, including Offshore Safety Specialist trainee jobs, start searching for enrollment well ahead of time. Selection of the candidates starts preceding year, normally during each August before the internship actually gets granted. It's recommended for the interested offshore summer job/internship seekers to do some of their own research by finding and then reading terms and frequently asked question section, and then follow closely the information on the company's website, monitoring the announcements and updates. It really has big sense to compete for this opportunity to work as an intern at one of the corporation's oil drilling facilities: if you look back at demographics, reflecting categories of workforce that they employ, it can be noticed that in the past the company tended to hire many people to different positions and offered them extended and even permanent jobs from among those candidates, who once ventured and passed successfully their summer internships in the fields? covering: Mechanics, Engineering, IT, Research , Mechanics, Oil & Gas, Legal, Geology Sciences, Facilities, Energy, Facilities Engineering, Finance, Electrical Engineering, Technology. It's not the way they usually say involves starting at the entry level from the very bottom as Roustabout on drilldeck or as a Galleyhand in catering zone of offshore drilling oil rig.

ConocoPhillips, the same as the rest of the established companies, engaged in exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas, welcomes team spirit in their employees and workers, especially those that they hire to work on offshore rigs, where they have to stay in a secluded space for weeks far away from people, friends, and family. They call this spirit SPIRIT Values, which is the abbreviation that stands for Safety, People, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation and Teamwork.

At the time of writing this review we found 162 active job announcements, related to the employment in oil and gas industry, on this employer website. Some of the vacancies included: 1) Senior Geologist in Jakarta Raya Indonesia 2) Automation Engineering Technician in Farmington, NM 3) Graduate Chemical Engineer and Pipeline Compliance Lead, both in Alberta, Canada 4) Onshore Government/Partner Reporting Analyst in Jakarta Raya, Indonesia 5) Staff Drilling Engineer - Casing Liner Drilling in Houston, TX 6) Eagle Ford Operations Geologist in Houston, TX 7) Corrosion Inspection Coordinator in Farmington, NM 8) Safety Completions Supervisor in Dickinson, ND 9) Drilling Engineer in: Houston, TX; Brisbane Australia 10) Alaska - Viscous Oil Petroleum Engineer, in Ancorage, AK 11) Graduate Electrical Engineer and Graduate Mechanical Engineer - both in Grampian, UK. Some of the actual full-time rig jobs with this employer that hires to fill offshore job vacancies, including entry-level Roustabout/Floorehand... (to come soon)

Importance of non-technical skills for safety of performing oil rig jobs

Whether it is offshore or landbased oilfield servicing or drilling, whether you are low-end rig worker in a position of Roustabout or Roughneck or experienced Toolpusher doing their job for decades, knowing the theory basics of safety as a discipline is important for maintaining overall safety standard aboard oil rig. Non-technical skills that might not relate directly to a specific job on oil drilling installation are important in this respect either. This is an opinion and belief that was acknowledged by the representative and Global Program Manager for FMS Technologies, Mr. Standeley, in his interview to the drilling contractor Internet edition by IADC. Speaking about oilfield service technicians such approach to the safety issues imply that the rig workers need to have sufficient understanding of the basics covering the foundations of mechanics and hydraulics to electronics. The other non-technical attainments like good oral communications skills that include ability to formulate clearly, understand, and follow the commands or react to the warnings properly are of no smaller importance. Good driller will feel the need to stop the operation when he or she feels something starts going wrong and anticipate break, accident, or even disaster. To summarize, when we speak about different types of technicians aboard oil rig, they are required to be taught and trained to follow certain procedures through classroom training and then be supervised whether they stick to them and employ the skills the way they were trained to in course of doing their specific individual field job or during operations that require the joint effort of several team members. FMS believes routine tests should be implemented for all staff across oil drilling industry like in some other industries. Many Offshore Field Safety Coordinator job holders, Safety Technicians, Safety Specialists, and safety supervisors have agreed to these guidelines during our online survey on offshore and landbased oil drilling safety issues.

Rig Safety & Training Coordinator job in Saudi Arabia:

This is a hot chance for someone, who is male, at least 18 years old, High School diploma holder, offshore experience in whatever position are QHSE experience will be regarded as experience, good English speaker with good listenning and communication skills, team player. The Rig Safety & Training Coordinator position will report directly to Offshore Installation Manager. If chosen after the interview, the candidate will be be provided training at place in the form of internship. Should follow guidelines of Environmental Management System (EMS) as outlined by Transocean.

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The other contractors and companies and their authorized recruiters we expect info list of oil rig vacancies from very soon, land based and offshore: Maersk Drilling, Seadrill, Eni, Saudi Aramco, PL713 partners - Pingvin prospect, location: Barents Sea, offshore; Vantage Drilling, or sustainable safety, leaders must do more coaching, Chevron Pacific Indonesia, Petrofac Houston.

Related vacancies: GE Oil & Gas Field Service Technician - Aberdeen, UK - 23 days ago; Crane Operator - Support Crew, Aberdeen, UK - 42 days ago; Technical Training Manager Glasgow, UK; Offshore Safety officer, whose primary responsibilities will include administering RPP Program on several offshore oil platforms, modu's and drillships following guidelines and instructions, issued by the drilling contractor.

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