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The entry level position of a Storeman is considered one of the offshore oil rig jobs, that is the best both within the terms of working conditions and the wages (salary), which require no prior experience neither on offshore oil rigs, nor on the land based oil production installations. Though not always busy during regular shifts, Storeman is obligated to stay on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, idling, but alert just for the case there's a delivery of the materials. Whenever the materials arrive, Storeman (otherwise called Materials Man or Materials Woman) should be ready to rush to the scene and head unloading, which this offshore position is responsible for. Offshore Storeman is really a job, requiring no prior offshore experience, just onshore experience doing job on land with the same responsibilities.

Offshore Storeman Salary

The salary of Offshore Storeman starts somewhere around $US 37,000 a year at the entry level. But by the measure of mastering more responsibilities and widening the scope of your Offshore Storeman position associated duties along with the improved performance, the salary will gradually be increased up to $US 54,000 - $US 67,000 per year. The salary for the position of the Storeman also depends upon the size, location, threats proximity, and the specifics of climatic conditions workers on the board of oil rig have to work under.

Low End Offshore Jobs

There's a great variety of low end jobs, available on offshore rigs. The vacancies are quite diverse, and there's a continuous rotation of the workforce, needed to keep offshore oil drilling installations operable. Commissioning of new offshore oil rigs and drillships inevitably leads to new offshore job openings coming up all the time. No single offshore rig in the process of oil drilling or oil production can do without toolpushers, drillers, assistant drillers, workers in a derrickman position, mud loggers, crane operators, motormen, and, of course, roustabouts and roughnecks - without them oil drilling process won't even start, that's impossible. Since personnel that service offshore rig in the course of crude oil production/search for reserves of it, is being accommodated aboard same oil drilling installation at high seas or on floatel, there's another numerous category of offshore catering jobs that are intended to ensure living of the employees and workers, involved directly in oil drilling: galleyhands, cooks, stewards, night bakers, chefs, camp boss etc. Because all offshore oil rigs, not only drillships, but even stationary platforms, fall under the provisions of maritime law, they require certain amount of marine workers, such as ordinary seaman or able bodied seaman to perform different maintenance tasks, paint metal parts of superstructure etc., so there's some associated marine jobs, available on offshore oil rigs.

The salaries for such marine jobs normally go hand in hand with wages of the personnel, hired for actually drilling operations. Though the catering staff come to oil rigs not though oil drilling companies, but through catering services providers that they subcontract, those in fact are also offshore jobs with high salaries a land based worker will never come across. The other popular vacancies often available offshore include medic, offshore nurse, radioman, radio room operator, helicopter pilot, technical diver, welder diver, rope access technician and generally a wide range of different kinds of offshore technicians. Offshore oil rig jobs are difficult to land, if you are a greenhand candidate, looking for your very first entry level position, but can't produce the proof of having already worked offshore. But if you at least have worked on onshore land based rigs before, your chances to get hired are considerably higher and you are taken differently by HR people than the rest of the beginner offshore job seekers.

Where to apply

People often ask where they can apply for offshore jobs. If you're a greenhand applicant, looking to start your offshore career at the entry level as a storeman, you could send your CV either to HR departments that exist at every big oil company or to some of the medium-size companies that undertake to perform contract drilling for the latter. It is exactly these offshore oil drilling contractors that hire the major portion of the people qualifying for a job of offshore driller. Another good way of getting employed in offshore oil and gas sector should be through the mediation of a proxy - recruitment or offshore crewing agency, lots of which are present on the market all the time. Make sure you deal with an accredited resource, CV/Resumé submission service, or agency, not an illegal or half legal dealer, not to say about scam artist. It is recruiters, consultancies, or offshore crewing agencies that know best of all what oil rigs expect from an individual they'd like to hire to fill storeman job openings offshore, and they are capable to both evaluate your odds of getting hired, and if you do qualify, provide you expert guidance through entire process to end up your offshore employment search journey in a perfectly successful manner.

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