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Mechanic oil career opportunities in Peru

Mechanical Technician in Maintenance of engines and motor generators Internal Combustion

Training: Mechanical Technical Studies with specialization in internal combustion engines renowned institution.

Experience: Minimum 6 years in maintenance and repair of engines and motor generators CAT in models similar to those included in this service.


Workplace: San Isidro District, Lima

Technical Mechanic, Knowledge of Hydraulic Mechanic with expertise in Hydroelectric Plants and Assembly

Experience 5-7 years

Coordinate the activities of programming weekly maintenance mechanic supervisor and report the results of the work performed
Coordinate and Execute preventive maintenance mechanical equipment
Coordinate and Execute emergency work on the premises fails
Monitor the internal Regulatory Compliance Security staff in the different works of programming weekly maintenance.
Maintenance plan review team in coordination With The Mechanical Supervisor, According to manufacturer's specifications
Availability to work under the regime 5 x 2/10 x4 in Canete

Offshore oil companies from all over the world are hiring mechanics and mechanic assistants to work on oil rigs. You can find your employment in Williston basin, South Korea, Little Knife, Blue Buttes, Scotland, India, US, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Sea, Mozambique, Somalia, Fort NcMurray, Tanzania, Haynesville Shale, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Montana, Greenfield, Alabama , Virginia, Alaska, UK.

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