Male nurse \ paramedic offshore job openings

Work at sea on oil rigs is associated with higher-than-usual risk and increased frequency of accidents. Therefore the safety measures at all levels on oil rigs are given primary attention. No employee or worker will be hired and transported aboard oil rig without prior safety course completion and successfully passing the examinations on offshore safety and basic survival measures. Oil companies do everything possible to reduce the number of accidents and increase the level of the safety of their workers. That's why every oil platform has at least if not trained medic (nurse or doctor), then a paramedic on board. Offshore paramedic is a very responsible position on oil rig. This person takes care of the health of all crew members and other personnel on board. It is not easy to become successful applicant for this job offshore, but with good record of service and positive feedback from former employer your chances get increased.

Offshore paramedic job search

Many medical workers are willing to get employment in offshore oil drilling industry because of higher salary opportunities it offers. One of the essential things to get the edge over other candidates competing for an offshore paramedic job could be through presenting yourself in the right way in your resumé. Here goes a randomly taken cover letter to one of the numerous resumés of paramedics we receive every day.

I am sanoop from Leighton Welspun international Pvt Ltd. Now working on the big commitment of going through new project of Installing of New SPM and Sub Sea Hoses in Gujarat offshore as a Paramedic and First Aid personnel for all crew on board. And now looking for the new acceleration of manifesting my input in different sectors such as Drillship & Derrick barge & Hook up Barge & Platform related task activity in the field of Oil and Gas. Where i can put my efforts to afford and utilize my skills and experiences, having very good background of going through different companies such as Punjlloyd International and Leighton Welspun International. Pls try to consider my resume according your requirement and in anticipation of your reply always in good manner.

As you might guess, the writing of the sort can hardly encourage a recruiter or HR employee for oil company to shortlist its author for the interview. Continue reading, though:

Paramedic oil job experience certificates

This is to certify that Mr Sanoop V.S s/o Sabu V.S worked as an I.C.U Staff Nurse in this VERTEXHospital from 02-01-2010 to 15-11-2011. This is a 100 Bed strength hospital with 15 bedded I.C.U dealing with all emergencies. In addition he is handled patients with CABG, CAG, & PTCA. He is intelligent, diligent and hardworking staff. He is fully trained and well versed with all procedures being carried out in the ICU.His behavior towards his seniors and colleagues were exemplary. He would be an asset to institution he chooses to join.

We wish him God blessing for a bright future.

This is to certify that following is full and true statement of sea service performed by Mr. Sanoop.V.S employee of Leighton Contractors India Ltd, under my supervision onboard barge EASTWIND 365 with official No: 16740708, Tuvalu Flag. During the period of 19-th November 2011 to 11-th January 2012 as a Medic.
Project: Mangala Development Pipeline Project (PHASE II), Bhogat, Gujarat - Twin Pipeline 24" & Installation of SPM.
We wish him every success for all his future endeavors. He is highly recommended for the above rank, wherever he is employed in future.
Mark Humm - Barge Superintendent and Abshalome Reuben - Project Manager.

This certificate confirms that Mr. Sanoop V.S. has worked as staff nurse in National Burns Center in Mumbai from September 1st 2006 to January 20th 2008. Hi worked in Intensive Care Unit, Medical and Surgical ward, Operation theatre and Out Patient Department. He also participated in various seminars conducted in National Burn Center, Mumbai.
During this period hi has found sincere, efficient and hard working.

This is to certify that Mr. Sanoop V.S. M/s. PUNJLLOYD, Mumbai, worked in our company as a medic in HRC (HERRA) project on barge MADHWA from 21/1/2008 to 15/05/2009. His job has found to be satisfactory and he passed good morel characters.
Wish him the best luck in his future job prospects.

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