Waitress job openings on offshore oil rigs

With oil exploration boom there comes high demand for workforce of all kinds on offshore oil rigs. Offshore catering develops as an auxiliary business providing job openings for cooks, Chefs, cook helpers and other helping, cleaning, low-skilled personnel. Among them most popular and reachable vacancies are waiters in catering and stewards in cleaning. It became known that there are vacancies for women appeared on oil rigs. Thus there is an opportunity for any waitress to try to get high paid offshore job.

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First Name: Zuzana
Last Name: Uherova
Email: uhi@post.sk
Comments: Zuzana Uherova

Location: Via del giaggiolo 7, Casal Borsetti, Italy
Domicile: Svinna 353, 91324 Slovakia
Mobile: (0039)389 8443685, 00421903866258
E-mail dj_mix_robert@yahoo.com
Born in Trencin. on 26/7/1984
nationality Slovak
Status single
Driving license B.


Foreign language skills

Computer skills
Good knowledge of Internet and e-mail.

Work experience

Personal skills

Personal characteristics

I can relate with people of different nationalities and cultures through their experience abroad. I can autonomously organize, setting priorities and taking responsibility acquired through the various professional experiences listed above. I adapt easily to new environments and work situations, and I am really interested in transfers both in Italy and abroad.


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