Job Placement on Offshore Oil Rigs

Oil & Gas Recruiters

Oil platforms have different types of jobs, hundreds of jobs, because the rig, hosting several hundreds of rig workers at a time, can be compared to a small community. Positions range from engineers and drillers to cooks and cleaners of all sorts. To apply for any of these roles, a candidate is required to provide all the information in English and be able to speak sufficient English language.

Job Search Channels

The first solution that seems most simple would be to search for ads, advertising oil rig vacancies in the newspapers. However, these job offers can often be misleading. Thus, this method may not be suitable and safe for the search operation. Another way to search for work on oil rigs is to perform a search through the Internet. There are also Internet portals that are reliable and can help the interested oil rig job seekers to seek and get employment in different parts of the world. This may be a job in Norway, on platforms in the North Sea, or work in Australia for the extraction of oil and gas to the Timor Sea.

Nowadays it is difficult to find a good job, so working on oil platforms is attractive due to the salaries and wages, paid out by the companies, involved in the development and operation of oil wells. The search for workers to crew offshore oil drilling platforms and recruitment process is not always performed by the companies themselves. Recently it became an adopted practice to outsource selecting the appropriate candidates to intermediary companies and specialized staffing agencies.

Agencies and Companies

Global Energy Group - this group of companies works with leading companies in the production of oil and gas and is responsible for finding the right people.

ExxonMobil is a world leader in the business of oil and oil products. Its activities include exploration and production of oil and gas, manufacturing and marketing of fuels and lubricants, chemicals, electricity and coal. ExxonMobil regularly recruits hire top-notch engineers and highly technicians for their oil platforms.

RigVacancy - specialize in recruitment of workers for oil and gas industry. Currently hiring workers for various companies in Europe, Middle East, Far East, and Australia.

Norway announced the plans to build the world's largest oil platform. The tender for the construction of this semisubmersible oil drilling unit was won by the South Korean shipbuilding corporation Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (HHI). The oil drilling unit in question, worth $US 700 million, will be delivered to the customer in March 2015. It will be used for the extraction of oil in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. The semisubmersible will be able to ensure drilling up to the depths of 3 kilometers. In addition to the main contract, Fred Olsen Energy has reserved the intention to order one more oil rig of the kind.

Semisubmersible oil platform is different from the usual one that can not move. Semisubmersible can be tugged and held at a specific depth by means of using special anchors, whose weight can reach 15 tons. Usually semisubmersibles are used to drill the wells as deep as 10 kilometers. Their maintenance and operation involve more costs than conventional rigs or drilling platforms do. The North Sea is a major source of oil for Norway. In addition to this country's sector of the North Sea, there are oil and gas deposits in the areas of the North Sea, belonging to the United Kingdom, where the oil companies of the Netherlands and other European countries drill for oil as well.

With unemployment rates persistently remaining high in all sectors of the economy around the world, especially for those with no college diploma or university degree, drilling contractors still have busy time trying to hire new people to substitute the workforce that joined oil drilling industry 25-40 years ago and now is massively retiring. This massive retirement that Norway didn't escape either, has resulted in more vacancies on the Norwegian offshore oil rigs both for trained professionals and unskilled oil rig workers, such as roustabouts and roughnecks.

Mechanical Engineer and Mechanical Fitter jobs on Offshore Oil Rigs. In oil & gas industry in general and in offshore oil production industry in particular, there are big opportunities for greenhand professionals with education in Mechanical Engineering domain, and there are jobs for them not only in Norway. If fact, it is Mechanical Engineers, who design offshore oil platforms, and then play crucial role to make these highly sophisticated huge oil producing installation run, as well as all processing and drilling equipment and facilities for housing personnel and communication systems. For many operations, the design of high pressure is essential, and Mechanical Engineers are dedicated to studying materials that would suffer the least from contact with the high heat transfer and corrosive & flammable liquids.

Prospects of Getting Oil Rig Job

With regards to new discoveries of natural deposits of oil and gas in the USA, Canada, and several other locations across the world, the opportunities for the job placement for workers of oilfield development trades, including rig welders, seem to have increased significantly. According to the US Government Department of Labor and the federal statistics bureau forecasts, the number of job in oil & gas production industry will increase by 18 per cent by the year 2020 vs 2008.

Featured Position: Oilfield Welder.

Job Description Summary

Position of Oilfield Welder (Rig Welder) can be found both on offshore and land based oil rigs, but if on offshore oil drilling facilities Rig Welder is a permanent position, land based oil rigs can outsource a welder from a welding services company, whenever the rig requires the repairs that involve welding. Performing such repairs requires from the welder 3G and 4G SMAW 3G MIG certification in welding processes, as per Oilfield Welder standard job description. Further on oilfield welder can have specialized training as a derrick welder, performing most of the welding work on derrick from scaffolding, ladders, or using a rope access. The other area of work in the oil fields, where rig welders may be employed, is pipe welding.


The starting salary of welder on offshore oil rigs by many sources was reported at the level of $US 60,000 per annum to reach and exceed $US 100,000 after just 3 or 4 years, while Welder Divers (Underwater Welders) on offshore oil rigs (platforms, drillships etc.) will start from earning $US 100,000 with prospects of crossing the $US 200,000 threshold in course of gaining more experience, allowing to complete the risky tasks. The average salary of land based oil rig welder has been reported at the level of $US 42,000 a year.

Companies That Hire in the USA

The drilling companies, hiring in the USA, will be reviewed soon. Meanwhile, there comes an exciting piece of news from the US Spartan Offshore Drilling Co that operates offshore jack up platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. With them you could get offshore jobs according to the list of vacancies that follows:

ROV Technician, Night Pusher, Welder, Derrickhand, Mud Logger.

The vacancies that were offered by the other oil drilling companies or their proxies have included:

Driller, Motorman, Rig Maintenance Supervisor, Crane Operator, Floorhand, Mud Engineer, Electrician, Roustabout, Mechanic, Assistant Driller, Scaffolders, Painter, Offshore Installation Manager, Lead Offshore Roughneck; Mudman.

The oil rig jobs, sought for by candidates, who submitted their CV's/Resumés, sorted by rate of popularity, included for the most part low end and entry level positions, but not only:

DPO, Baker, Helicopter Pilot, Night Cook, Chef, Motorman, Night Pusher, Cyber Driller, Mudman, Floorhand, Scaffolders, Roustabout, Assistant Driller, Offshore Crane Operator, Rig Clerk, Lead Offshore Roughneck; Camp Boss, Pipe Fitters, Offshore Installation Manager, Mechanic, Electrician, ROV Pilot, Painter, Steward, Galleyhand, Mud Logger, ROV Technician, Journeyman Electrician, Pumpman, Derrickhand, Derrickman, Welder, Driller, Rig Maintenance Supervisor, Mud Engineer, Motorman. Also: Horizontal Driller, Directional Driller; land based oilfield job opening: Frac Operator, Oil Fracturing Equipment Operator Trainee, Maintenance Technician I - duties and responsibilities of this oilfield position will include performing the preventative maintenance on cementing, fracturing, & coil tubing equipment, job location: Midland, TX.

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